Infrastructure Engineering Certifications

  • OSHAOSHA 10 Hour Construction training is designed for entry-level workers in the construction industry. The topics include the OSHA Construction Focus Four (Fall Hazards, Caught-In-Between Hazards, Struck-By Hazards and Electrical Hazards), tool operation and more.

  • HBI Logo The Home Builders Institute training programs provide training and placement services to individuals seeking a career in the building trades. The program offers the opportunity to learn the building trades through hands-on training. At the core of this model is HBI’s award-winning, industry-validated Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT). The HBI PACT curriculum is one of only three U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recognized pre-apprenticeship curricula. The HBI PACT curriculum integrates contextual, work-based learning with vocational and academic skills training in the classroom. These include employability and life skills, career development, and on-the-job training. PACT graduates learn the skills needed to be successful from their first day on the job.

Last Modified on May 21, 2021