• The Innovation of Engagement: Engaging All Learners in a Virtual World and any classroom!

    #11604 We are designing a one credit course that will address the issue of the inequities in remote learning and how teachers can develop strategies that engage all students in a remote learning world.  Engagement in thinking on their own and with others, phenomenon, PBL, 5 promises, inquiry-based storylines, and solving real problems with constructed explanations in online and in class learning environments are more culturally responsive and innovative.  Teachers will choose from many different resources to learn from, and curate existing resources for use in the fall.  Denise and Sherri will facilitate the learning experiences asynchronously and will include webinars, readings, discussions, and feedback in google docs and in schoology.  Although we use STEM as our content areas, all teachers can benefit from these ideas and strategies to help ensure that all of their students are engaged online, or face-to-face.


    Section #13517 June 1, 2020-June 30, 2020

    Section #13518 July 1, 2020-July 30, 2020


Last Modified on May 26, 2020