• Below are Professional Opportunities offered by the STEM department.  

    For questions, please contact the STEM Office at: tweil@cherrycreekschools.org

      Secondary STEM Cohorts

    *Class is designed for Secondary teachers. 

    PDPRO Class # 13570    STEM Cohort 1 credit

    PDPRO Class # 13572    STEM Cohort 2 credit

    Our first Learning Together Day will be August 7th, 2020. We'll be doing a synchronous all day learning experience that you can enjoy for the comfort of your own home! 

    If you can't make the 7th, you can join us the evening of September 15th from 4-8pm, virtually as well. You'll pair that with a virtual planning session either September 23rd or September 24th.


    Guiding Questions for our group:

    • How can my classroom become a place where students are doing the reading, writing, thinking and problem solving?
    • How can effective implementation of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices and the Standards for Math Practice help my students become better problem-solvers?
    • How can we utilize the science and engineering practices and the standards for math practice to create integrated math/science STEM lessons?
    • How can my classroom answer the questions, “Where does this live in the world?”, and “Who could be an audience other than the teacher?”
    • How can this group and the coaching cycle help me get smarter about STEM?



    • Combination of Math Teachers, Science Teachers, and STEM/Technology Teachers 
    • Professional Learning experience together
    • Individual and small group coaching
    • Field experiences to grow expertise and efficacy in STEM


    Participants in the STEM Coaching Cohort will experience the following each year:

    • One full professional learning day:
      • Design Challenge
      • Facilitated Planning Time
    • 2 lab days:
      • A teacher from the cohort will be coached to host a lab in their classroom.
      • We will do some reading and learning together to label what we see in the lab classroom.
      • During the class, we use an online discussion tool to get real time noticings.
      • The afternoon will be a chance to learn and plan with colleagues to implement new learning that teachers got out of the lab.
    • On-going one-on-one and small group coaching:
      • Teachers will meet me a minimum of 3 times throughout the school year.
      • These coaching sessions can be for planning and/or observation/debrief.
      • Coaching notes are recorded on a google doc so that teachers have a place to record their own thoughts based on the feedback they get.
    • Field Experiences:
      • Hacking STEM professional learning
      • University of Boulder First Year Engineering Expo
      • Denver Museum of Nature and Science Workshops
      • Design Challenge Workshops
      • Coding Workshops
      • ArcGIS workshop
      • InWorks Maker Space at University of Colorado at Denver
      • Fiske Planetarium
      • Plains Conservation Center
      • Chatfield Conservation Center
      • National Center for Atmospheric Research



    For Math Cohorts please contact Denise Goldin- Dubois at: dgoldin-dubois2@cherrycreekschools.org

    For Science Cohorst please Contact Sherri Dennstedt at: sdennstedt@cherrycreekschools.org


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