Hybrid Learning (Grades 6-12)     

  • The Cherry Creek School District is committed to increasing in-person instruction for middle and high school students and will move to an enhanced Hybrid learning model during the second semester of the 2020-2021 school year.

    This Hybrid learning model:

    • Complies with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) guidelines to protect the health of students and staff
    • Increases instructional time with three days of direct instruction (one day Remote and two days In-Person)
    • Gives students more access to teachers
    • Increases peer interaction by combining A and B cohorts virtually on Mondays
    • Enables teachers to frontload the week’s lessons and independent practice with students
    • Provides a more consistent routine for students and minimizes the asynchronous time between lessons
    • Supports family demands (i.e. childcare, work)
    • Blends Remote and In-Person learning
    • Does not apply to Elevation, Endeavor Academy and some special programs
    • Maintains operational structure (i.e., food distribution, bus schedules, etc.) 
      • Maintains the master schedule and student class options
      • Aligns grades 6-12 and other high school programs

    The Hybrid learning model was developed with input from teachers, parents and students. Parents and guardians will receive specific information from their school prior to the beginning of second semester.

    The Hybrid learning schedule is:






    A & B Cohorts


    Synchronous Instruction

    Full School day

    Cohort A

    Cohort A

    Cohort A

    Cohort A

    Cohort B

    Cohort B

    Cohort B

    Cohort B


    The Hybrid learning schedule will be implemented when we return to In-Person learning, which depends on COVID-19 conditions in our community. Our hope is that conditions will allow us to begin the second semester as follows:

    • Tuesday, January 5 – Teacher work day, no school for students
    • Wednesday, January 6 – Remote learning day for all students
    • Thursday, January 7 – Remote learning day for all students
    • Friday, January 8 – Remote learning day for all students

    • Monday, January 11 – enhanced Hybrid learning schedule begins (Pending Health Safety Guidance)

    Parents and guardians will receive additional and specific information no later than January 4, 2021.


    Operational Conditions

    All operational items are based on guidance & requirements from CDE and the Health Department:

    • Physical distancing requirements to the greatest extent possible
    • Face coverings/masks worn throughout the day
    • Minimal class size – Class size reduced by 50% daily to maximize physical distancing
    • Cohorting – by group A or B
    • Limit physical interaction through limited passing periods with no lockers
    • Greatest amount of social distancing to align with CDPHE guidance
    • Social distancing at lunch/high schools allowed to leave campus during lunch
    • Activities after school will occur remotely to the greatest extent possible
    • Athletics cancelled at middle school level
    • Athletics are a separate cohort at high school level
    • Students will be physically distanced on buses through limiting riders
    • Outdoor instruction/time is encouraged through the day
    • Limits on visitors


    Instructional expectations for Hybrid Learning

    • Attendance will be taken.
    • Grades will be given.
    • Students are expected to engage on remote days.
    • Learning tools will be limited to support easy access for students and families.
    • Learning platforms have been narrowed down to three:
      • Schoology
      • Seesaw
      • Google Classroom
    • For more information on how to use the learning platforms, parents/guardians can log into their myCherrycreek.org account and go to the parent resources tile.


    Instructional expectations if all students are required to be remote for longer periods of time (weeks, months, etc.)

    • Once the decision is made to go remote for more than a week, teachers will be given two school days to transition to remote learning. The schedule will then include daily instruction where all students will participate daily.
    • For more information and to view a sample schedule, visit our Remote learning page.
  • Definitions:

    Synchronous Learning

    Learning that takes place in real-time. This might look like students completing daily learning tasks at a specific time where student schedules are “in sync” and at the same pace. Other examples include virtual conferences where the whole class can log on and learn together.

    Asynchronous Learning

    Learning/practice that takes place without real-time interaction.

    Combining Synchronous and Asynchronous Approaches

    Teachers will utilize both types of learning structures. For example, a teacher might hold a virtual class meeting – giving the option for real-time interaction. 

    Support Services for Special Populations

    Cherry Creek Elementary Online will have a Special Populations team, comprised of a School Psychologist, IEP/504 teacher, Gifted and Talented teacher, and an English Language Specialist to support our students.

    Learning Tools (Learning Management System, online platforms, etc.)

    A common technology platform will provide students access to online courses or digital instructional materials.  An LMS generally includes software for creating and editing course content, communication tools, assessment tools, and other features for managing the course.

Last Modified on December 15, 2020