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    Health Clinic Welcome

    Health is essential to optimal learning. Health Services are available to all students within Cherry Creek School District. The Falcon Creek Clinic strives to maximize each student's potential by removing health-related barriers to learning. When meeting the student's health needs during the school day, clinic staff also use the opportunity to teach students to make wise choices that will be beneficial to their future health. The following are the primary responsibilities of the school nurse and clinic staff:

    Provide acute and emergency health care
    Assess students' health to identify and address health-related obstacles to learning
    Maintain clinic preparedness for potential crises
    Develop and implement Individualized Health Plans and 504 Plans to reduce impact of chronic and episodic health conditions upon academic achievement
    Administer medications
    Train additional personnel to administer medications safely so that students with medical needs can participate in extra-curricular school activities
    Screen students’ vision and hearing
    Provide medical care that allows medically-challenged students to attend school (i.e. trachea care, catheterization, G-tube feedings and wound care)
    Prevent contagious illness and injuries through surveillance and implementation of appropriate precautionary measures
    Maintain state mandated immunization records and other health assessment data
    Assist families to locate health resources in their community
    Educate individuals and groups about health issues in order to increase their health literacy.

    Having defined all that, this coming year will be like no other years previous, and we will be making adjustments and decisions as the year progresses.  We have not received final recommendations regarding medication drop-off and nurse/parent meetings.  The school administration should be sending out directions soon regarding these issues.

    We must all work together to keep the students, staff and community safe and healthy.  As decisions are made this year, and changes occur, we will strive to keep you informed and work to meet the needs of our students as they arrive. Please feel free to reach out to the clinic to keep us updated on any changes in your students health needs, or for any questions you have this year.


    Link to Health Services Website and Health Forms



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