• Fox Ridge Hybrid Learning Daily Logistics
    Last updated 8/7/2020

    Here is a quick snapshot of what a day looks like at Fox Ridge. The school is preparing videos and lessons for students that we will review the first week of school.  We will modify and enhance our daily procedures as needed.

    Arrival and Breakfast

    • Students should arrive no earlier than 8:40 a.m. to ensure appropriate supervision. Students should report to class by 8:50 a.m.
    • We are not able to offer Study Hall in the mornings this year as in previous years.
    • Whether students arrive by bus, car, or foot, they will all gather in the courtyard and use the designated grade level entrances. (These will also be the same exits for dismissal.)
    • Students must arrive to school wearing their mask and should practice social distancing in the courtyard.
    • We will have social distancing visual markers that will help students enter the building in an orderly manner.
    • Students will travel up their designated grade level stairs for arrival and either report to their RISE classroom, or the cafeteria to grab a breakfast bag, and then report to their RISE classroom.
    • Since students will not be using their lockers this year to decrease small gatherings, they will take their backpacks to their classrooms with them.

    Passing Periods

    Students will have 3 minutes for passing periods.  Unless they are attending an elective class, they will be transitioning within their grade-level pods with their grade level cohort.  Students will follow the posted social distancing guidelines.

    Restroom Use

    In order to maintain a safe social distance in the restrooms, no more than 4 students will be allowed in the restroom at a time.  Students will follow the posted social distancing guidelines in the restroom.  When entering the restroom, students will clip the teacher’s bathroom pass or their own ID lanyard (if during passing period) on the clip outside of the restroom.  If all hooks are full, the student will know to wait at the designated area until someone has exited the restroom.  Students are encouraged to leave their backpacks in their classroom prior to entering the restroom.  Otherwise, students will place backpacks at the designated area outside of the restroom. 

    Lunch and Recess

    • Students will begin their lunch with outdoor recess by entering the cafeteria and heading out the side cafeteria doors. If they have brought lunch from home, they may drop it at the Home Lunch Table. 
    • When entering from recess, students will either enter the Home Lunch door and choose their spot to sit; or they will enter the Hot Lunch door to enter the lunch line for each station.
    • Students will be asked to wash/sanitize their hands at the beginning and at the end of lunch.
    • Students will dismiss from lunch one row at a time, starting at the tables nearest the main entrance doors.
    • Tables will be sanitized prior to the start of each lunch.
    • Grade specific sports equipment will be provided at each grade level lunch. Sports equipment will be sanitized each day.
    • Students will NOT be able to bring their personal sports equipment.


    • Each grade level will be dismissed and will exit through their designated grade level doors that exit to the courtyard.
    • Since 7th grade ends their day with electives, they will be released a minute or two early so they may return their laptops to their RISE classroom, and exit through the 7th grade doors.

    After School Activities

    In-person after school activities (including sports) will not take place until further notice.