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  • General Program

    Cherry Creek Elevation is the CCSD 6-12 online school. Classes will be delivered in an online platform with synchronous and asynchronous (both live and recorded) coursework to support student learning and provide a hands-on, real-world learning opportunity.  

    Are the teachers teaching at Elevation Cherry Creek School District teachers?

    Teachers at Cherry Creek Elevation include an array of highly qualified and talented educators who have served in the Cherry Creek School District and beyond.  

    Will students take school pictures at Cherry Creek Elevation?

    Students enrolled at Elevation will have an opportunity to take school pictures for the 2021-22 SY.  Information regarding picture day will be sent via email at a later date. 

    How will online students and families receive communication from our Elevation teachers, school, and district?

    Families will continue to receive communication from their teachers, school, and district as usual (e.g., via telephone, email, Blackboard Connect messages, etc.).  In addition, Cherry Creek Elevation sends a weekly newsletter via email to keep students and families up-to-date. Students and families are also encouraged to reach out to their teachers, school, and the Cherry Creek Elevation administration with any questions or concerns.

    Who do I contact for Cherry Creek Elevation?

    Cherry Creek Elevation students and families are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns.  Teachers and administrators will also be available by telephone or via virtual meetings, as needed.  Due to current health and safety recommendations related to the COVID- 19 pandemic, students and families are strongly encouraged to make an appointment prior to visiting our offices in person.  

    Administration Support Grades 6-12



    Students Served

    Dean K-8: Jenelle Hindell 


    Grades 6-7

    Dean 9-12: Tyler Johnson


    Grades 8-9

    Campus Administrator:  Danielle Glasgow


    Grades 10-11

    Assistant Principal:  Alicia Pray


    Grade 12

    Cherry Creek Elevation Principal: Kristy Hart, khart12@cherrycreekschools.org

    Cherry Creek Elevation Front Office: 720-554-5770

    Cherry Creek Elevation Campus: 14603 E. Fremont Ave. Centennial, CO 80112

    Cherry Creek Elevation students must live in the state of Colorado and the Cherry Creek School District at all times during the school year.

  • Daily Schedule

    Does my student need to select between A and B days or will they be learning Tuesday- Friday?  What is expected of my student on Mondays?

    Students are required to attend each of their virtual classes following their A/B schedule for synchronous learning. Virtual Classes will take place on Tuesdays/Wednesdays. All students are encouraged to work on their asynchronous assignments Monday through Friday.  Monday will be a full day of asynchronous learning. Students will be able to complete assignments and projects at their leisure on Mondays. In addition, students have the opportunity to complete their school work on Monday morning and teachers will be available for support on Monday afternoons from 1:30 - 2:45PM.

    What is Brick Day and when does my student attend?

    Brick day is an in-person,  face to face learning opportunity.  Brick day will take place at the Cherry Creek Elevation Campus.  Students will attend Brick Day during their assigned cohort.  High School students meet on Thursdays and Middle School students meet on Fridays.  During Brick Day, students will have the opportunity to work with their teachers and classmates.

    On what platform will the synchronous and asynchronous learning take place and will my child be able to see the other students in the class? How will my child be trained on this platform? 

    At Cherry Creek Elevation students will have the opportunity to work on the Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas.  Student weekly assignments and progress will be posted on Canvas beginning Tuesday morning at 8AM.  Resources for accessing Canvas are located on the Cherry Creek Elevation website.  Students and families will have the opportunity to learn about how to access, log onto, and navigate Canvas during the first week of school.

    When does my student actually need to log in?

    All students are encouraged to login Monday through Friday to either participate in synchronous learning (virtual classes) or to complete assignments through asynchronous learning. All assignments for the week need to be submitted by Monday at 11:59pm MST.

    Are students expected to participate synchronous instruction without breaks? What if my student needs a break during this time?

    The synchronous schedule will include time for students to virtually learn and interact with their teacher and classmates.  Synchronous learning time will include a combination of whole group instruction, interactive lessons and activities, and time for independent learning/reflection time.  Similar to In-Person 6-12 education schedules, teachers will build in time for breaks, movement activities, and small group activities based on the needs of their classroom of students.  

    Will asynchronous learning also be in front of a computer every day and does it have to be completed on the indicated times on the daily schedule?

    Asynchronous learning takes place without real-time interaction. This would look like students having a week to complete their lessons, but within that week students are progressing at their own pace. 

    The asynchronous times and subjects indicated on the pacing guide are recommendations.  Students and families may follow an asynchronous schedule that works best for the needs of their student.

    Does everyone have to do the online synchronous learning at the scheduled time, or will it be recorded so they can do it later, and will it still count for attendance? What happens if a student cannot attend a synchronous session?

    Students are to attend all of their virtual classes following their A/B schedule. During synchronous learning, students will have the opportunity to participate and interact in live learning sessions with their classroom teacher and classmates. If a student cannot attend either synchronous session for a class during the week, they will be counted absent.  However, they will have the opportunity to make up the work for that session. 

  • Curriculum

    What curriculum will be used for Cherry Creek Elevation? 

    Cherry Creek Elevation uses teacher created courses supplemented by Florida Virtual School curriculum. All courses align to 6-12 Colorado Academic Standards.

    What elective classes will be offered at Cherry Creek Elevation?  When will I find out my student’s schedule?  Will students need to purchase any additional items for elective classes?

    Cherry Creek Elevation offers elective classes in world languages, physical education, health, and practical and fine arts. Our course guide is located on our school website under the academics section. Additional items or school supplies needed will be communicated by the teacher.

  • Classroom Structure

    How is class placement for my student determined?

    Student class placement will be based on the schedule that was created by the student’s home school. This includes placement in honors and AP courses. 

    What will be the class size and when will it be determined?

    Just like your neighborhood school, teachers are assigned approximately 5 sections with 25 -30 students in each section totaling 125 -150 students.

    Other than scheduled office hours, will there be other opportunities for 1:1 with the teacher?

    Teachers will have scheduled office hours five days a week (Monday - Friday).  Students and families are welcome and encouraged to schedule time to meet with your teacher, as needed.

    Will students enrolled at Cherry Creek Elevation have a school supply list?

    Basic school supplies (e.g., lined paper, notebook, pencils, pens, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) are recommended.  Most projects and learning opportunities can be completed with these basic supplies or technology built into the coursework.  A list of additional supplies will be provided by the classroom teacher. Printers are not required, but are recommended.

  • Programs and Services

    Will students have the opportunity to be tested for GT this year?

    Please refer to the Gifted and Talented Services Return to School Plan for 2020-2021 School Year document that is posted on the Cherry Creek School District Gifted and Talented Services website for detailed information about GT assessments.

    My student was identified last year for the gifted talent pool. Will those additional services be provided through our home school or through Cherry Creek Elevation? 

    Students who are formally identified as Gifted or have been placed on the official gifted talent pool will continue to receive support and enrichment opportunities from the online classroom teacher and the homeschool Gifted and Talented teacher.

    How will students take state assessments at Cherry Creek Elevation?

    Cherry Creek Elevation will follow the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) requirements for state assessments in an online setting.  Information will be sent to families when available.

  • Technology

    Will families who sign up for the Cherry Creek Elevation receive computers? What kind of computer is necessary to do the work?

    All students will receive a student device for the 22/23 school year.  Families who choose online learning should have reliable access to the internet.  

    Online courses for Cherry Creek Elevation require the use of a computer. The district provided laptops  will meet your needs. Chromebooks, tablets, and smartphones do not have the capacity to meet the technical needs of our software applications. 

    What is the technology systems orientation and is it required?  Where do I go to take it?

    Before students begin their courses for Cherry Creek Elevation, they are required to take a Technology Systems Orientation. This course will help students learn how to access and use the technologies needed to complete their courses. Access to this orientation will begin on the first day of school and will be shared with students through Canvas.  There will be an additional opportunity for parents to learn more about the systems used at Elevation.

    Who should I contact regarding technical questions/difficulties?  

    Cherry Creek Elevation has a tech support team who will provide support for students, parents, and staff. You may contact them at elevationsupport@cherrycreekschools.org.  The tech team will typically respond to support requests within 48 hours.  During times of increased volume at the beginning of the school year it may take longer. 

  • Culturally Responsive Education

    How will the teachers support my student through culturally responsive education?

    CCSD teachers are dedicated toward inclusive excellence for all students.  Teachers will model and incorporate the six pillars of culturally responsive pedagogy into their classroom instruction.  The six pillars include rigor, vulnerability, cultural identity, asset focus, relationships, and engagement.

    Will teachers be available to support my student through navigating racial injustice?

    CCSD is committed to confronting the issue of racial injustice with urgency and through conversation and partnership with the community.  All staff and administrators receive ongoing training in racial literacy. 

    Will families who have students enrolled in Cherry Creek Elevation be able to attend the PASS meetings at their homeschool?

    Families who have students enrolled at Cherry Creek Elevation are encouraged to attend Elevation PASS meetings. Students and families are always welcome to attend PASS meetings at their neighborhood school as well as District level meetings.  

  • First Week of School

    When is the first day of school for Cherry Creek Elevation? What should we expect during the first week of school? 

    The first day of school for Cherry Creek Elevation is scheduled for Monday, August 15, 2022.  During the first week of school, students will complete a virtual orientation to Elevation where they will learn how to log into Canvas and other online tools. In addition, students will attend their advisory class, get to know their classmates in advisory and their advisory teacher. Students will begin their regular online learning schedule during the week of August 22nd.  

    What if my student’s class schedule needs to be adjusted or repaired?

    Students are currently being scheduled into their classes. Any schedules viewed before August 22nd are subject to change. Students will receive their final schedule on Monday August 22nd.  

    Students who have an incomplete schedule, meaning they are missing a course needed for graduation or have been placed in an incorrect course level may contact their counselor after the 22nd of August for a schedule repair. For a student who is on track to graduate from high school, a full schedule for Cherry Creek Elevation is as follows: students in grades 6-8 will take 7 classes including the advisory class;  students in grades 9 - 10 will take 7 credits including the advisory class; students in grade 11 will take a minimum of  6 credits including the advisory class; students in grade 12 will a minimum of 5 credits including the advisory class. 

    Will there be an orientation and what can we expect to go over on that day?

    During the week of August 15th, students enrolled in Cherry Creek Elevation will have the opportunity to go through orientation and learn about how to access and navigate their online learning tools.  Families will also have the opportunity to learn how to create an “observer account” on Canvas and learn new ways to support their child’s online learning.

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