English Language Support (ELS) Department

  • Jessica Palko, coordinator

    Diana Beabout
    Lea Ann Dunklee
    Rachel Erickson
    Lena Kim
    Lori Marietta
    Megan Mastrofrancesco
    Katie McQuown
    Nataliya Pankeyeva
    Dani Resch
    Britt-Inger Scott 
    Yaroslav Tomashuk
    Benjamin Walsh

    Please visit the Staff Directory page for contact information.

  • Students in the ELS department would like to welcome our diverse student body to Overland school. Check out the videos they have created in Spanish, Arabic, Amharic, Somali, and Russian.

    Spanish (M)

    Spanish (F)



    Amharic – coming soon

    Rusian – coming soon