August 13, 2020 

    Dear Aspen Crossing Family and Community,  

    I am including additional information for you regarding our phase-in plan for next week (August 17-21) and our regular schedule, which will start on August 24th.  Please read carefully all the items/reminders/information below. 

    Aug. 17 – 5th Grade Only 

    Aug. 18 – 4th Grade Only 

    Aug. 19 – 3rd Grade Only 

    Aug. 20 – 2nd Grade Only 

    Aug. 21 – Kdg. and 1st Grade Only 

    Aug. 24 – All grades 

    1. Masks are required –All students, staff and community members will be required to wear masks in all Cherry Creek Schools.  Please do not wear a bandana or scarf as a mask.  Students will wear their masks during the school day.  Students will be able to remove their masks while getting drinks, eating or during recess.  Our staff will be working with students to educate them about the importance of wearing masks and will provide reminders to help them learn this process. 
    1. School Times – Our building will open at 7:45am every morning.  Students are not permitted in the building or on the school grounds before that time.  Our school day ends at 2:45 pm and students are asked to leave campus immediately when school ends.  Our dismissal bell will ring at 2:50 pm and students will exit through their assigned doors.  Walkers will be dismissed at 2:50 pm.  Any car riders will be escorted to the front to meet their rides beginning at 2:55 pm. 
    1. Calendar - Please find attached the school calendar.  We ask for your understanding as items on this calendar may change with changing conditions. 
    1. Breakfast – Staff will bring a breakfast cart to each classroom beginning at 8:00 am in the morning.  Breakfast will be available until 8:15 am for any students who wish to purchase breakfast.  The fee is $2.00.   
    1. Schoology/SeeSaw – Our classrooms will use technology to support their work.  Students in K – 3 will utilize Seesaw and Google Suites.  Students in 4th/5th grades will use Schoology and Google Suites.  Your classroom teachers will be sharing information with you about how to utilize these platforms and with login information  to support you.   
    1. Access to Building – Visitors will not be permitted in the building.  If you need attention, please ring the bell by the main entrance.  An office staff member will ask you to identify yourself and share the reason for your visit.  If you are bringing items to be dropped off, a cart will be placed in the entryway for these items.  This cart will have pens and cards.  Please carefully label the item with the name of the student and their grade and teacher (ie Puga – Main Office).  Items will be delivered to the individual listed.  If you need to pick up a student, please ring the door bell and identify the reason for your visit.  If you are asked to step into the lobby area, you will be asked to approach the window to sign your student out, and then directed to one of our “stations” to wait for your student.  Please allow sufficient time as this process may take longer than normal. 
    1. COVID Outbreak Process and Frequently Asked Questions – Our District is following guidance from the CDPHE about the process to follow should there be an outbreak.  Please refer to the District website for answers to frequently asked questions.  This information will be updated with the newest information as it is available.  You can access the website by clicking this link:  click here.   

    Please know, as things change, we will continuously reassess items.  We know these are different practices than in the past, but we are working hard to create a safe space for our students, staff and community.  Thank you in advance for your grace, flexibility, support and partnership! 


    Karen Puga 


    Aspen Crossing Elementary  


    #Marmot Pride 

Last Modified on August 15, 2020