Parking - Register Vehicle

  • Student vehicles need to be registered online to park at the CCIC.  There is no fee to park at the CCIC.

    All students intending to park their vehicle on the CCIC Campus please:

    • Fill out and submit your vehicle information on the Register Vehicle link.
    • Students may park in student spaces marked with white lines in the west parking lot. The south parking lot is reserved for staff and visitors.
    • Maintain a safe and alert attitude while driving on the CCIC Campus, and on the roads to and from your home school.
    • Maintain a safe speed, not to exceed 15MPH, and always give the right of way to pedestrians while on the CCIC Campus.
    • Do not loiter/hang out in the parking lot at any time.

    Remember, while parking on any Cherry Creek School District property, you are on private property and subject to all rules of search, seizure, vehicle removal, and forfeiture of the right to park. This could also include disciplinary action.


  • Cherry Creek School District buses will provide transportation for students between their home high schools and CCIC.

    Morning Session: All buses are scheduled to arrive CCIC by 8:50 AM and depart at 11:52AM.

    Afternoon Session: All buses are scheduled to arrive CCIC by 12:05 PM and depart at 3:07 PM.

Bus Schedule by Home High School

  • Cherry Creek High School

  • Cherokee Trail High School

  • Eaglecrest High School

  • Endeavor

  • Grandview High School

  • Overland High School

  • Smoky Hill High School

  • The Manor

  • The Ranch