• Can my student attend CCIC if he/she is a student at Cherry Creek Elevation? 

    Yes!  Just like last year, eligible students must be enrolled in one of our eight high schools in order to attend the CCIC.  Whether a student chooses the online option or to attend their neighborhood high school, the CCIC will continue to offer courses on-site for students.

    Who do I contact with questions about my CCIC schedule?

    The counselors at the CCIC can help you with questions about your schedule.

    Laura Miller works with students from Cherry Creek Elevation, Cherry Creek, Cherokee Trail, Overland and Options. 

    Ryan Seely works with students from Eaglecrest, Endeavor, Grandview and Smoky Hill.

     Is transportation provided to CCIC?

    Yes!  Shuttle buses will continue to run from district high schools to the CCIC. Bus Schedule

    Does the CCIC serve breakfast and lunch?

    The CCIC does not have a cafeteria run by CCSD Food and Nutrition Services.  Students should eat breakfast and lunch off campus or at their neighborhood high schools. The CCICafé is open with grab-and-go options and breakfast/lunch on select days.  The CCICafé is not part of the federal school lunch program.  CCICafé Website

    Do I need to wear my ID?

    Yes, students at the CCIC need to wear their home high school ID at all times.  The CCIC will make IDs for Cherry Creek Options students.

    Where can I get more information?

    Feel free to call the CCIC at 720.554.2600 between 8AM-4PM for more information.