• Delaney Thomas

    Delaney Thomas



    Staff Favorites: 

    Name Delaney Thomas
    Birthdate April 24th
    Favorite store(s)

    H&M, Zara, Bath and Body Works

    Favorite restaurant(s) Starbucks, Chilis, Olive Garden, Noodles and Co., Del Taco, Qdoba, etc.  
    Favorite school supplies(s) .38 pens, Zebra Highlighters, blank Journals, etc.
    Favorite color Sage Green, Black, White, Neutrals
    Favorite flower Any Flowers 😊 I also love succulents and plants!
    Favorite beverage Pineapple or Lime Jarritos, Vitamin Water, Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher, etc.
    Favorite treat Blow Pops, Jolly Ranchers, Sorbets, Snow cones, popsicles, etc.
    Hobbies Singing, Dancing, Writing, Making art, Reading, etc.
    Any allergies/sensitivities No allergies
    Starbucks order Hot Blonde Vanilla Latte with 3 pumps of Hazelnut syrup, 1 scoop of Vanilla Bean Powder and Caramel Drizzle


    Reema Gilani

    Reema Gilani



    Staff Favorites:  

    Name Reema Gilani
    Birthday March 8th
    Favorite Store Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant Olive Garden, Cheesecake factory
    Favorite School Supply Sticky notes, markers, gel pens
    Favorite Color Blue, Black
    Favorite Flower Roses, Tulips
    Favorite Drink Tea, Coffee
    Favorite Treat Chocolates
    Favorite Hobby Reading, Hiking
    Allergies No
    Starbucks Order White chocolate mocha, Matcha latte


    Sahina Ameer Ali


    Staff Favorites:  

    Name Sahina Ameer Ali
    Birthdate January 5
    Favorite store(s) Tj Maxx, Target, Marshalls
    Favorite restaurant(s) IHOP, Village Inn
    Favorite school supplies Sticky notes, markers, pencil pouches
    Favorite color Black & White
    Favorite flower Rose, indoor plants
    Favorite beverage Fruit juice
    Favorite treat Milk chocolate, white chocolate, brownies
    Hobbies Travel
    Any allergies/sensitivities No
    Starbucks order Cake pops & Sweet Danish


    Susmita Chakrabarty


    Staff Favorites:    

    Name Susmita Chakrabarty
    Birthdate July 1st
    Favorite store(s) Amazon, Target , H&M , Claire's
    Favorite restaurant(s) P.F. Chang's, Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Dion's
    Favorite school supplies( Scented glitter gel pen, anything related to painting and sketching
    Favorite color White
    Favorite flower White and yellow roses, indoor small plants /kitchen plants
    Favorite beverage Anything dairy free
    Favorite treat Brownie and Cheesecake
    Hobbies crafting, painting, dancing, traveling, Astrology
    Any allergies/sensitivities No dairy products
    Starbucks order Black coffee and cheese Danish


    Mai Yassin


    Staff Favorites:  

    Name Mai Yassin
    Birthdate November 22
    Favorite store(s) Target, Amazon and Lululemon
    Favorite restaurant(s) Chick-Fil-A
    Favorite school supplies(s) Pens and Notebooks
    Favorite color Purple
    Favorite flower Any
    Favorite beverage Coke
    Favorite treat Chocolates and Chips
    Hobbies Coloring and Traveling
    Any allergies/sensitivities None
    Starbucks order Frappuccino: Caramel Ribbon Crunch or Mocha Cookie Crumble