• In-Person Attendance:  Attendance will be taken by the teacher in PowerSchool using normal attendance codes for the two days of the week that your child attends school at Fox Ridge.  Automated calls for unexcused absences will begin the week of September 8th.

    Remote Learning Attendance:  Teachers will be recording attendance for remote learning in PowerSchool each Monday to indicate presence for the prior week of remote learning days.  Attendance codes RLP (Remote Learning Present) or RLNP (Remove Learning Not Present) will be marked.  For Cohort A attendance includes last Monday, Thursday, and Friday and for Cohort B it includes last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Teachers will determine RLP/RLNP based on class expectations during remote learning.  Methods of determination will include a Body of Evidence, log ins to Schoology and time/meeting online through MS Teams or time on task in Google Classroom.