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As indicated on the Tri-County Health website (, due to a delay in reporting by a large local health care provider, a significant amount of past data was dumped into the Tri-County Health Department reporting system this week. This data is impacting the Cherry Creek COVID Tracker dashboard. The data was not reported at the time it was collected, and so it looks like an influx of positive cases all at once, when really the cases occurred over the past month.

We continue to work with Tri-County Health to better understand the impact of the delayed data dump that occurred and how it is affecting our dashboard.

Additionally, it is important to note that the district COVID Tracker rating is tracked over time and must show a sustained change (7-14 days) to trigger a change in the learning model from In-Person to Remote learning.

District data on the dashboard reflecting active, positive cases of students and staff is current and represents real numbers of those in isolation after testing positive.

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Science-Based Metrics for Safely Opening Schools

  • The Cherry Creek School District will use six metrics (with data specific to Arapahoe County) to determine if it is safe to open schools and under what conditions we must shift from In-Person learning to Remote learning.

    These metrics are based on science, facts and the best interests of our students and staff. They are NOT based on politics, perception, popularity or what other school districts are doing.

    These metrics are:

    1. Arapahoe County COVID-19 Positivity Rate
    2. Arapahoe County 14-Day COVID-19 Incidence Rates per 100,000
    3. Arapahoe County Daily COVID-19 case count
    4. Arapahoe County Daily COVID-19 Hospitalizations
    5. CCSD Staff Incident Rate
    6. CCSD Student Incident Rate

    For more information about our Decision-Making Metrics and Process, view this presentation.

    Please click here to view a letter from Dr. Douglas, Executive Director of Tri-County Health Department, regarding a data reporting delay in the last week of October.

Decisions made based on the model

  • Throughout the year, decisions made based on the scientific metric will be tracked on this page.

    November 5, 2020

    Today is the ninth day in a row that the district COVID Tracker dashboard has posted a “red zone” rating. The virus is now at a dangerous level in our community and we have seen a sustained trend in the data. Therefore, the district WILL transition to full Remote learning for all students currently enrolled in In-Person learning. To learn more about this decision, read the Superintendent’s letter to the community on the district website.

    August 6, 2020

    The Cherry Creek School District will open for In-Person learning (Full PreK-5, Blended 6-12) on Aug. 17 with a Phase-In Week as planned. Online learning will also start Aug. 17 as planned. This decision was made based on Public Health Metrics, which show a sustained decrease in the number of COVID cases in Arapahoe County over the past 10 days, and as a result of the district’s efforts to create a restart plan that prioritizes student and staff health and safety. To learn more about this decision, read the Superintendent’s letter to the community on the district website.


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    “The CCSD re-opening plan represents a thoughtful approach to decision-making, with a solid foundation in the best available science, alignment with public health guidance, and provision of a clear and well-thought out plan to start the new school year and adjust course on an as-needed basis as the year progresses.”

    Dr. Douglas,
    Executive Director
    Tri-County Health Department

Last Modified on November 5, 2020