CCSD Mental Health Needs

  • Mental Health Needs in Our Schools

    With September being National Suicide Prevention Month, we wanted to bring the issue of mental health to the forefront. Mental health is one of the greatest areas of need in the Cherry Creek School District. Here are the facts:

    For the 2018-19 school year (the most recent full school year), CCSD spent $9,887,094 on specialized staff to support the mental health needs of students, and received ZERO dollars from the state or federal government.

    • Suicide risk assessments are rising significantly each year. For the 2018-19 school year, schools completed 2,102 suicide risk assessments, up from 1,346 just four years earlier. Last year, the district was on track to beat that number when schools closed down in March due to COVID-19.
    • Threat assessments are up. For the 2018-19 school year, schools completed 1,046 threat assessments, up from 245 four years earlier.
    • School resources are strained by supporting the significant mental health needs of students who would be better and more fully served in a day treatment facility.


    Students Enrolled in Day Treatment Programs

    • CCSD currently has about 75 students in day treatment at an average yearly cost of $1.5 million. 
    • Even with that many students placed, the Mental Health supports offered in this state are severely lacking. There are more students in CCSD who could go to a day treatment facility if there was availability.
    • The State of Colorado has gone from 74 placement options just six years ago, to 34 today. 
    • The district has NO option for students in our schools who need a placement and cannot get one.
    • The district has NO option for students who are IN a placement and being discharged due to insurance disputes, medical necessity, or lack of parent participation. These students are simply discharged and sent back to school. 
    • The district has NO option for students who need a level of support somewhere between school and day treatment when their insurance company denies day treatment.   
    • The Joliet Learning Center is not for students who need day treatment. Joliet is for special education students identified as social emotional development needs. Regular education students do not go there.
    • The district has 100 students in our elementary programs to support Social Emotional Development needs.  We have never had that many. Severity is high, capacity is low. 


    Mental Health Resources Available to CCSD Students

    Cherry Creek Schools has invested significantly in mental health, and operates under a 3-2-1 model where we place at least one mental health professional in every elementary school, two in every middle school, and at least three in every high school. To learn more about what resources and programs are available to our students, visit this page. To learn about resources that are available regarding suicide prevention, visit this page.


Last Modified on September 24, 2020