• SOAR - Student Organized Against Racism 

    Purpose of SOAR

    In accordance with one of our district’s goals of Inclusive Excellence, SOAR is designed to empower young people of ALL races to become catalysts for change through leadership for racial equity. SOAR addresses issues surrounding race, identity, and academic achievement through meaningful and ongoing conversations between students and among students and the adults in their schools. As students are given a voice and opportunities for equity/anti-racism leadership, they become a more visible voice for change in their schools. As such, the preparation of school staff to receive, nurture, guide, and support students’ leadership is one of the most critical factors in the SOAR process. The eventual goal is for students to build their collective capacity to plan and execute equity-themed events under the mentorship of their advisors.

    How students are selected

    The Office of Inclusive Excellence asked building principals to identify students who are: High school sophomores or juniors, aspiring to be anti-racist leaders, and aspiring to be involved in racial equity and racial consciousness conversations.

    Programming structure & expectation of students

    Each CCSD High School has selected seven students to participate in S.O.A.R. Students are expected to participate in the program for two years and attend a virtual Courageous Conversations about Race training and three S.O.A.R seminar sessions beginning January 2021. Two high school S.O.A.R advisors have been selected for each school site and will participate in all trainings with the expectation to lead building S.O.A.R meetings in the future. 

Last Modified on February 24, 2021