School of Choice

  • Updated 12/2/22

    Cherry Creek School District is implementing a NEW School Choice application system and updated policies.  The new application system will be used for all choice applications, including Non-Resident and Intra-District Transfer requests. Parents will be able to submit a School Choice application for the 2023-2024 school year starting January 1, 2023. This date applies for residents and non-residents of the school district and the first lottery run in early February for district residents, non-resident employees’ children and for students that are currently enrolled as a non-resident or on a 1 year Intra-District transfer. All other applications will be included in bi-weekly lottery runs starting in February.  Students who are accepted to a choice school will be accepted to the highest grade level at that school provided they meet the continued enrollment criteria. Additional details about School Choice and the continued enrollment criteria can be found in the School Choice Transfers section of the Admissions website: