• Fox Ridge Revised Hybrid Learning Model

    We are planning for the return of secondary students to a Revised Hybrid Learning Model in January contingent on health safety data supporting a safe return for our students and staff. To ensure a successful second semester, we considered student, parent, and teacher feedback and adjusted the Hybrid schedule. In particular, the Revised Hybrid Schedule:

    • Complies with CDPHE Guidelines
    • Increases instructional time with 3 days of direct instruction (1 day Remote and 2 days In-Person)
    • Give students more access to teachers
    • Increases peer interaction by combining A and B cohorts virtually on Mondays
    • Enables teachers to frontload the week's lessons and independent practice with students
    • Provides a more consistent routine for students and minimizes the asynchronous time between lessons
    • Supports family demands (i.e. childcare, work)
    • Blends Remote and In-Person learning
    • Does not apply to Elevation, Endeavor Academy, and some special programs
    • Maintains operational structure (food distribution, bus schedules, etc.)
      • Maintains the master schedule and student class options
      • Aligns grades 6-12 and other High School programs


    As we plan for January, please consider the following transition week and revised Hybrid schedule:

    January 4, 2021 - January 8, 2021

    • Monday, January 4 - FURLOUGH DAY/No Students
    • Tuesday, January 5 - TEACHER WORKDAY/No Students
    • Wednesday, January 6 - REMOTE SCHEDULE/All Secondary Students (see schedule below)
    • Thursday, January 7 - REMOTE SCHEDULE/All Secondary Students (see schedule below)
    • Friday, January 8 - REMOTE SCHEDULE/All Seconary Students (see schedule below)

    We will follow the Remote Daily Schedule and the Blue/Gray Calendar for the week of January 4.



    January 11, 2021

    Week At-a-Glance Beginning Monday, January 11: (Pending Health Safety Guidelines)

    • Mondays will be full remote with synchronous learning from 9:00am - 3:30pm
    • Tuesday - Friday will follow an ABAB schedule from 8:50am - 3:45pm in the building


    This revised Hybrid schedule will utilize the same cohort groups as in Semester 1. If your child was in Cohort A in Semester 1, he/she will be in Cohort A in Semester 2 (same for Cohort B). Mondays will be fully remote with an adjusted schedule of 9:00am - 3:30pm.

    While we understand that this is another new schedule, we believe that these adjustments will increase students' access to learning opportunities. Thank you for your support!