•  Incoming 9th Grade Registration

    for Cherry Creek High School 2023-2024 School Year



    All 8th Graders who are scheduled to attend Cherry Creek High School will receive the following:


    Cherry Creek High School 2023-2024 Registration Guide


      • All incoming 9th graders receive a copy.  Keep it to use as reference during the four years at Creek (slight changes may occur each year, but most info stays the same). The Registration Guide includes:
        • Graduation requirements
        • College admission requirements
        • List of all courses by subject
        • Course descriptions by subject:  Open to (what grades), Credit, Prerequisite, Course           length


    Course Registration Form

    • Please read the directions carefully on page 1 of the Registration Form.
    • Students must enroll in 4 core academic courses and 6 credits total per year.  Freshmen are discouraged from taking more than 6 classes.  Students will be scheduled for 6 classes and after all schedules are built, the 7th class (if requested) will be added based on availability.
    • Eighth grade core teachers will work with students to recommend appropriate course requests in academic subjects.
    • Students will choose elective classes (World Language and/or other elective options).
    • Students must also choose alternatives for elective course selections (except choirs, concert band, concert orchestra).
    • Please refer to the course registration options document on the Cherry Creek High School website for more specific information.
    • The Registration Form must have required teacher signatures, parent signatures, and student signatures before February 3, 2023.
    • Cherry Creek High School Advisory is a mandatory class which will be on student schedules through the entire year. It will be listed on student schedules in August.
    • Consult your middle school teachers and counselor for course selection help – NOT the high school counselor since we do not know students or their academic backgrounds yet.


    CCHS Athletics Information sheet (blue handout)





    All freshmen will submit signed/completed registration forms to their middle schools on January 30, 2023.


    February 3, 2023

    CMS/WMS students will enter their desired classes into a pre-registration program in PowerSchool.  Students will not be allowed to register their course selections in PowerSchool if they have not selected courses, obtained appropriate signatures, and have a parent signature.




    All freshman schedules will be built by the computer this summer.

    During Freshman Orientation in August, each freshman will check in to school and will receive their schedule by email before school starts. You will receive information about Freshman Check-In during the summer.


    School of Choice students will be able to complete a paper course request form, which we will keep at CCHS in the event that the student is later admitted to CCHS.  CCHS will build schedules after a student has been approved to attend Creek.


    è è è   CCHS 8th Grade Information Night January 24th 6:00 pm   ç ç ç         

    This event is in person in the Fine Arts Theater.  



      • Once you are in high school, your counselor will work with you on academic planning, social and emotional concerns, and planning for your future. Since high school will be a time of many changes for you, it is important to get to know your counselor by stopping in to see your counselor on a regular basis, as well as by attending required yearly meetings.


      • Coming to Creek is a resource guide designed for parents and students who are new to Cherry Creek High School.  In this handbook you can find important information to help students succeed at CCHS, procedures regarding discipline and attendance, academic and elective programs, graduation requirements, how to contact teachers, and many more useful items.  Please access this valuable resource through the CCHS website, http://cherrycreek.cherrycreekschools.org, under Our School è New Students.


      • Most students at CCHS aim to complete at least two or three levels of the same world language to meet the entrance requirements for most colleges.  World Languages count as core. (Students wanting Spanish 3/4 Honors should pre-register for Span 3, pending outcome of placement test).  World Languages are academic elective classes and not graduation requirements.  A student who is earning Cs or lower in core classes in middle school may choose to wait a year before starting world language courses in high school.  As well, students currently taking World Languages classes in middle school who are earning C’s or lower should also consider repeating the class in 9th grade.


      • All 8th graders registering for band or orchestra should select Concert Band or Concert Orchestra (no alternate elective choice is required since all students will get into concert band or concert orchestra, if requested). Changes will be made by the Registrar if you are selected to participate in one of the audition bands or orchestras. If you are selected for Jazz Band, participation in one of the other bands will be required.


      • Most incoming 9th graders will take CP United States History.  However, some incoming 9th grade students will be eligible to take Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. History. Students wishing to be considered must take a placement exam at their middle school at a pre-determined date in February (contact your middle school social studies teacher for more info) and, if approved, must take Honors English 9 concurrently at CCHS.  All students must pre-register for CP U.S. History; students will have the option to add the AP U.S. History class to their schedule at a later time if they are approved.


      • Students cannot pre-register for Senate – it will be added after elections.


      • AVID 9 students cannot pre-register for AVID.  Freshmen who are approved for the AVID program will have the course added to their schedules.


      • Freshmen should consider taking classes which will begin to meet both physical education and fine/practical arts requirements. Some options are available which would allow a student to waive .5 P.E. or up to 1.0 Practical or Fine Arts requirements.


      • If you participate in a CHSAA-sponsored sport at CCHS and meet the program’s requirements, you may be eligible for a .5 Physical Education waiver.  For marching band, two years of participation is required to receive a P.E. waiver. You may only have .5 credit of P.E. waived during your high school career.