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    SAT State Assessment Exemption Process

    Parents, if you wish to exempt your student from the SAT/PSAT, look for the State Assessment Exemption tile at You can view instructions for filling out the exemption here

    consent form

    Student Data Consent Form (pdf)

    College Board, the provider of the SAT Suite of Assessments, provides a number of structures to support students’ and their families’ ability to connect to key opportunities available to them. As such, College Board gives students and families complete discretion regarding the additional, voluntary information they disclose beyond the minimum needed to register and score our assessments.

    Prior to testing, students taking these exams will participate in a preadministration session to:

    -Complete required student information needed for scoring,

    -Participate in the optional questionnaire The required information covers the basics (name, school, state student ID, grade, gender, and date of birth) needed to score your test.

    If taking the SAT, students also have a chance to choose up to four colleges or scholarship programs to share their SAT scores with for free. Score sends are optional, but we strongly encourage students to share their scores to demonstrate their interest in their chosen schools. To participate in the optional questionnaire portion of the preadministration.

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