• Industry Certifications

    Cherry Creek School District offers Industry Certifications in a variety of pathways and courses. An industry certification is a credential recognized by business and industry at the local, state, and/or national level. Earning an industry certification allows students to demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills; increase job prospects, marketability to employers, and employability; and can increase options for post-secondary education. 

    Industry certifications can be an assessment, examination, or license that is administered and recognized by an industry third-party or governing board. Industry certificates measure competency in an occupation, and they validate the knowledge base and skills that show mastery in a particular industry. Industry certifications are earned by the individual student, and may require time outside of class in order to receive certificate. Some industry certifications have a cost, which is the responsibility of the student, unless included in the course fee. Pathway teachers can provide additional information on the requirements for a student to earn an industry certification.

    Not all industry certifications are offered every year in every pathway. Please speak to the course teacher for more information.  

    CDIP eligible industry certifications are denoted with an asterisk*.

  • Cherokee Trail High School

  • Cherry Creek High School

  • Cherry Creek Innovation Campus

  • CTE Districtwide Courses

  • Eaglecrest High School

  • Grandview High School

  • Overland High School

  • Smoky Hill High School

Last Modified on December 8, 2022