• Cimarron Count Down Balloon Launch and Watch it Live

    Launch Website 



    Launch QR code for balloon launch


    Watch the Launch Live!


    Balloon launch live qr code


    On this site, there is currently a countdown to the launch. On launch day, it will automatically show the location of the balloon and any data we are tracking.
    5th grade experiment descriptions-
    You can listen to 5th graders describe each experiment and their hypothesis.
    Live Broadcast of the Launch (don't need to show kids, but can explain to them)-
    This link will be for families or anyone who can't be at school on launch day to watch the launch via microsoft teams starting at 8:30 AM
    Last year's launch video- if you haven't watched it already!
    You can also follow us on twitter @CimarronCCSD
    The hashtag for the balloon launch is #STRATOSTAR0419