School Based Health Centers

  • Cherry Creek Schools will be opening two School-Based Health Centers next year to offer students, families and the community more comprehensive and equitable health care options.

    The district is partnering with STRIDE Community Health to establish two standalone, school-based health centers at Horizon Community Middle School and at the Overland High/Prairie Middle School campus.

    These facilities will offer the community primary care clinics that can provide a variety of age-appropriate services, including mental and behavioral care, dental care, vision care and referrals, nutritional counseling, health education, acute care with providers and other services.

    Click here to view a presentation to the Board of Education on April 12 about SBHCs.

    The facilities are slated to open in January 2022.

    What are the benefits of School Based Health Centers (SBHCs)?

    In the short term, SBHCs will provide real-life care and assistance to our school community as we begin the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the long term, SBHCs and the services they provide align with the important WHOLE-CHILD approach to a successful education.

    Why partner with Stride Community Health?

    Stride Community Health is an important partner to Cherry Creek Schools and has provided immunizations, child wellness visits and flu shot clinics at sites across the district since 2018. STRIDE has also played a key role in the district’s timely response to the COVID-19 pandemic – the nonprofit has worked with CCSD to provide COVID testing and vaccines.

    Through this partnership, STRIDE will provide medical staff, supplies, health education and counseling for students and families through the SBHCs.

    What else is important to know about SBHCs at Cherry Creek Schools?

    • SBHCs will remove barriers and provide direct access to quality care without forcing our students to leave their school. This can help mitigate lack of care and access based in institutionalized racism.
    • Students can be seen before, after or DURING the school day to avoid unnecessary absences.
    • CCSD school nurses, who know their students and families well, can provide a meaningful bridge of care through a close collaboration.
    • Without an SBHC, families are forced to seek care (often delayed) by urgent care/emergency departments, increasing out-of-pocket costs and sacrificing continuity of care.
    • SBHCs can provide multigenerational health care for our families.
    • SBHC providers create a lasting CONTINUITY OF CARE from intake/assessment through diagnosis, treatment and future follow-up.
    • SBHCs provide a medical home for students and families in our district.
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    "CCSD and STRIDE are uniquely positioned to offer school-based health center care and help create generations of students, alumni and families who are well and ready for success,” said CCSD Director of Health Services Michelle Weiraub

Last Modified on April 23, 2021