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    Current Events Happening in CTE and Cherry Creek Schools!

    Camp Discover You at the CCIC!

    Posted 6/10/22


    Camp Discover You kicked off this week at the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus. This free event provides instructional time in four pathways, including: Culinary, Infrastructure Engineering, STEAM and Health & Wellness. Lessons are project-based and hands-on and taught by current CCIC teachers. 

    Eaglecrest Engineering students earn SOLIDWORKS certifications!

    Posted 5/31/22

    Five students in the Eaglecrest Engineering & Technology pathway earned their Solidworks Mechanical Design Expert certification! The CSWE is the highest level of professional certification that SOLIDWORKS offers, with only 1.5% of certified users reach this level. 

    Congratulations to the following students: 

    • Brandon Choi 
    • Caiden Kesler
    • James Laub
    • Luke Olson
    • Marco Pazmino

    Additionally, a total of 107 Eaglecrest students earned some sort of Solidworks certification, setting them up for success on their pathway to Engineering careers.

    Cherokee Trail Engineering students earn SOLIDWORKS Expert certifications!

    Posted 5/26/22

    Three students in the Cherokee Trail Engineering & Technology pathway recently passed the SOLIDWORKS Expert certification exam. The CSWE is the highest level of professional certification that SOLIDWORKS offers, with only 1.5% of certified users reach this level. Congratulations to Logan Barney, Dylan Heard and Trevor Proskovec on this tremendous achievement.


    2022 Women in Industry event was a great success!

    Posted 5/20/22


    The 2022 Women in Industry Forum was held on April 15 for middle and high school female students. The goal of this event is to expose female students to traditionally male-dominated careers and inspire them to explore new careers. Twenty women came from across the state to talk to our students about their career pathways, including aviation, construction, healthcare, IT, multimedia and tourism.

    To see more information about this event, click here.

    Cherokee Trail student receives scholarship from the Colorado Business & Marketing Educators Association

    Posted 5/11/22


    The Colorado Business & Marketing Educators Association is pleased to announce that Landon Ungerman from Cherokee Trail High School as the recipient of a $1,000 FBLA scholarship. The Association received a record 27 scholarship applications from a group of very dedicated and talented students. Congratulations Landon!


    Eaglecrest High School's Nest Network dominate at the Best of Colorado annual competition for student media organizations. 

    Posted 5/6/22


    Congratulations to the Nest Network staff at Eaglecrest High School for their amazing success at the Best of Colorado annual competition for student media organizations in the state! The 19 awards were second most in the state in the Video Broadcast or Print/Online News categories. Of the 19 total awards, 12 placed in the top three in their category. Please congratulate these students! 

    • 1st Place in Alternative Coverage Treatment: Jeremy Garza, Simone Beauchamp, and Josiah Dunkin
    • 1st Place in In-Depth News Coverage: Simone Beauchamp and Jeremy Garza
    • 1st Place in In-Depth Sports Coverage: Simone Beauchamp
    • 1st Place in Photo Essay: Simone Beauchamp
    • 2nd Place in Lifestyle Coverage: Emmi van Zoest
    • 2nd Place in Lifestyle News-Feature: Crystal Li
    • 2nd Place in Special Computer Effects: Ibrahim Azam 
    • 3rd Place in Podcast: Rhyan Herrera and Israel Barkat
    • 3rd Place in News Feature Photo and Caption: Simone Beauchamp 
    • 3rd Place in Personality Profile: Trisha Balani
    • 3rd Place in Staff Editorial: Jeremy Garza
    • 3rd Place in Sports Action Photo & Caption: Avery Stelzriede
    • Honorable Mention in School News: Avery Stelzriede
    • Honorable Mention in In-Depth Special Report: Avery Stelzriede
    • Honorable Mention in Sports Feature: Josiah Dunkin, Carter Tullio, and Trisha Balani
    • Honorable Mention in Facing Pages Design (Print Media): Simone Beauchamp
    • Honorable Mention in Critical Review: Jeremy Garza
    • Honorable Mention in Commentary: Ren Hotzfeld
    • Honorable Mention in News-Feature: Jeremy Garza

    A special congratulations to Robby Gabrielli as the Nest Network Advisor. 

    Overland FCCLA students soar at State Conference

    Posted 4/20/22


    Congratulations to Overland High School FCCLA students! Overland took 22 students to the FCCLA State Conference culminating with 3 national qualifiers, 2 Gold medals, 11 Silver medals, and 5 Bronze medals, as well as an Overland student being named as a state officer. 

    • Colorado FCCLA Vice President of Peer Education: Yohanna Liben
    • National Qualifier, 1st in State Gold Medal in Fashion Design: Michelle Vasquez Ganbat
    • National Qualifier, 2nd in State Gold Medal in Fashion Construction: Jayda Claiborne
    • National Qualifier, 2nd in State Silver Medal in Chapter in Review Display: Andrea Morales
    • Gold Medal in Fashion Stylist: Fatimah Al Shammari
    • Gold Medal in Fashion Construction: Esmerelda Nevarez
    • Silver Medal, 3rd in State Silver Medal: Nadira Soure
    • Silver Medal in Baking & Pastry: Bryan Buitrago
    • Silver Medal in Interpersonal Communication: Aaisha Eisa
    • Silver Medal in Culinary Arts: Liam Ferszt
    • Silver Medal in Fashion Construction: Lina Ho
    • Silver Medal in Fashion Design: Kieana Lewis
    • Silver Medal in Fashion Construction: Leah Mendoza
    • Silver Medal in Gourmet Food Design Savory: Alejandro Vallegos
    • Bronze Medal in Job Interview: Ibraham Abdalrauf
    • Bronize Medal in Food Innovation: Nathan Butler
    • Bronze Medal in Job Interview: Taliayah Claiborne
    • Bronze Medal in Interior Design: Aasha Sadiq
    • Bronze Medal in Culinary Arts: Andre Serrano

    The following students also participated as judges on various events at the conference: Natalia Balderas, Luciano Mary, Lillian Nelson. 

    Congratulations to all the students and advisors, Arielle Bergmann and Erica McHenry-Hutto for their tremendous success!

    Cherokee Trail students semifinalist in NASA HUNCH event

    Posted 3/31/22


    Congratulations to Cherokee Trail students for their semifinalist placement at the NASA HUNCH event. 

    • Semifinalist for Zero-G Bulk Transfer System: Cason Evansa and Rahil Shah
    • Semifinalist for Magnetic Boots: Carter Garrison, Rose Thomas and Ryan Torline

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    CCSD Apprentice featured in Denver Business Journal

    Posted 3/30/22

    Salma Dabbour, a senior at Overland High School, was recently featured in the Denver Business Journal. Salma is an apprentice at Mercer and aspires to be a psychiatrist. To read the feature, click here.

    Horizon Community Middle School TSA students compete at state competition!

    Posted 3/29/22


    Horizon attended the TSA State conference with 30 students and competed in many events. Congratulations to their advisor, Margelly Beltran, and the following students:

    • 1st Place in Mass Production Middle School: Avi Magno (National qualifier)
    • 1st Place in Electrical Applications Middle School: Kiba Nichols and Kam Smith
    • 1st Place in Fashion Design Middle School: Lexis Tompkins, Kam Smith, Charlotte Bermudez, and Brianna Buffinton
    • 3rd Place in On-Demand Video Middle School: Jacobi Holk, Aspen Perret-Gentil, Luke Neumayer, Kaylee Mott, and Lona Fahed
    • 3rd Place in CAD Foundations Middle School: Nataliya Vizcaino
    • 3rd Place in Comic Book Design Middle School: Charlotte Bermudez and Brianna Buffington

    Smoky Hill culinary students finish 1st place at Young Escoffier competition!

    Posted 3/28/22


    The culinary team from Smoky Hill High School that competed at the Young Escoffier competition at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts took 1st place! They executed a beautiful plate of crushed salmon on top of roasted asparagus, a risotto cake and a creamy mushroom sauce. They each received a $3,500 scholarship if they choose to attend Escoffier. Well done team!!! 

    The team, led by advisor Carla Sullivan, consisted of: Eva Calomino, Jalani Brooks, Nathan Simmons II, Adriana Schiefer, and Samantha Argueta Cabrera.


    Overland High School students compete in Denver Paper Fashion Show

    Posted 3/25/22


    The Overland High School Fashion Club, advised by Arielle Bergmann, competed and participated in the Denver Paper Fashion show in March, which offers teams a chance to design and create an outfit made out of 90% paper. The students started with several ideas that came to fruition in a gorgeous dress, while learning the inner workings of a large fashion show, from runway setup to hair, makeup, and photography. 


    Join us in congratulating the following students who participated in the event:

    • Ibraham Abdalrauf
    • Fatimah Al Shammari
    • Venera Aslanian
    • Deonte Cardagon
    • Aaisha Eisa
    • Ashley Facio
    • Moromolaoluwa Folami
    • Michelle Ganbat
    • Alexa Garcia
    • Jamilah Johnson
    • Sam Pazo-Knight
    • Yenna Kwon
    • Leah Mendoza
    • Esmerelda Nevarez Quesada

    Congrats to Grandview High School DECA students for amazing results at the State competition!

    Posted 3/8/22


    Grandview High School students competed at the DECA State Conference in February and many students qualifying to compete at the National event! Congratulations to their advisors Bonnie Enright and Larry LaFlam, as well as these amazing students!

    Overall results:

    • Grandview brought 21 students to the State Conference
    • Of those, 13 qualified for finals (top 10 in their event)
    • Of those 13 students, 3 students DOUBLE qualified for finals (in BOTH their written project and role play events)
    • Ultimately, 6 students qualified for the International Conference
    • And of those 6 students, 1 student DOUBLE qualified for Nationals! 

    Event Specific results:

    • 2nd Place in Franchise Business Plan: Alex Brown and Charisma Greenfield (International Qualifiers)
    • 3rd Place in Buying & Merchandising Operations Research: Alexa Golas and Karley Solorzano (International Qualifiers)
    • 4th Place in Hotel & Lodging Managemetn: Alexa Golas (double qualified for Internationals)
    • 6th Place in Travel & Tourism Team: Mae Chen and Campbell Durbin (International Qualifiers)

    Finalists (Top 10 in their event):

    • Business Law and Ethics Team: Alex Brown and Charisma Greenfield (double qualified for finals)
    • Independent Business Plan: Emma Thomure and Janhavi Kulkarni
    • International Business Plan: Thomas Ho, Wyatt Caird and Ali Haroon
    • Sports & Entertainment Marketing: Jayed Khan and Yash Chapagain

    ghs deca

    Congrats to Cherokee Trail TSA for amazing results at the State competition!

    Posted 3/8/22


    Cherokee Trail High School students competed at the TSA State Conference in February and received many accolades! Congratulations to their advisors Jared Merrill, Tony Muscatello, and Ben Nuebel, as well as these amazing students!

    Gold Chapter of Excellence Award! Only two high schools in the state earned this recognition!

    • 1st Place in Assistive Technology Design: Yohana Eshetu and Lauren Kempf
    • 1st Place in Computer Aided Design Engineering: Zachary Fitzharrell (National Qualifiers)
    • 1st Place in Craniate MOD Capsule (Neuroscience STEM Kit): Yohana Eshetu, Lauren Kempf and Ken Rowland
    • 1st Place in Mines Formula Car Design: Logan Barney, Dylan Heard and Ryan Torline
    • 1st Place in Structural Design and Engineering: Trevor Proskovec and Ethan Schwartz (National Qualifiers)
    • 2nd Place in Board Game Design: Sophia Martin, Ken Rowland, Jessica Sellyei and Megan Todd (National Qualifiers)
    • 2nd Place in Computer Aided Design Architecture: Austin Weske (National Qualifier)
    • 2nd Place in Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Zachary Fitzjarrell and Matthew Lucero (National Qualifiers)
    • 2nd Place in Dragster Design: Zachary Fitzjarrell (National Qualifier)
    • 3rd Place in Architectural Design: Blake Smith and Austin Weske (National Qualifiers)
    • 3rd Place in Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Ken Rowland and Ethan Schwartz
    • 3rd Place in Data Science and Analytics: Dohyun Kim (National Qualifier)

    Also, congratulate these students on being semi-finalists in their respective events:

    • Architectural Design: Alara Bobus and Trevor Proskovec
    • Biotechnology Design: Jasmine Choi and Samantha Noesen
    • Board Game Design: Emma Elrod, Matthew Lucero and Blake Smith
    • Chapter Team: Miles Armstrong, Zachary Fitzjarrell, Matthew Lucero, Sophia Martin, Naren Musthuri and Jessica Sellyei
    • Children's Stories: Emma Elrod and Lauren Kempf
    • Comic Book Design: Emma Elrod
    • Data Science and Analytics: Jasmine Choi and Samantha Noesen
    • Engineering Design: Miles Armstrong, Naren Musthuri and Rahil Shah
    • Transportation Modeling: Alan Tellez Gonzalez
    • Video Game Design: Ameen Hanish, Naren Musthuri and Henry Smith Daigle

    Cherry Creek DECA Advisor named New Teacher of the Year!

    Posted 3/4/22


    Congratulations to Erica Padzik from Cherry Creek High School for being named DECA New Teacher of the Year! 


    37 Cherry Creek High School students qualified for the National competition!

    Posted 3/4/22


    Cherry Creek High School students competed at the DECA State Conference in February and 37 students qualified to compete at the National event! Congratulations to their advisors Dan Sheets, Beth Adolphi and Erica Padzik, as well as these amazing students!

    • 1st Place in Business Finance: Mason Levy
    • 1st Place in Hospitality Services Team: Anna Van Wyk and Shannon Dattilo
    • 1st Place in Integrated Marketing Campaign - Event: Elana Ades and Alexandra Kugelmas
    • 1st Place in Financial Literacy Promotion Project: Mason Levy
    • 1st Place in Buying & Merchandising Operations Research: Morgan Robison, Rachel Lukes and Hannah Riewe
    • 1st Place in Sports & Entertainment Marketing: Jeevita Ashokprabhu and Aria Zhou
    • 2nd Place in Sales Project: Heath Megnin, Stella Weiss and Cooper Baranek
    • 2nd Place in Startup Business Plan: Ben Finke and Josh Baron
    • 2nd Place in Business Growth Plan: Alexandra Michelotti and Isabelle Assini
    • 3rd Place in Community Giving Project: Romina Dadkhah, Lili Sobernheim and Julia Hochstadt
    • 3rd Place in Innovation Plan: Grace Ayers, Lili Sobernheim and Julia Hochstadt
    • 3rd Place in Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research: Grace Richardson, Lindsey Young and Anna Van Wyk
    • 4th Place in Accounting Applications: Sai Mullangi
    • 4th Place in Finance Operations Research: Caroline McInnes, Peri Silverman and Hannah Hall
    • 4th Place in Restaurant & Food Service Management: Aria Zhou
    • 4th Place in Business Services Operations Research: Alex Dattilo, Shannon Dattilo and Addison Price
    • 5th Place in Franchise Business Plan: Donny Condon, Jacob Gorovoy and Michael Hernandez
    • 5th Place in Hospitality & Tourism Operations Research: Hannah Cantor
    • 6th Place in Sports & Entertainment Marketing Team: Lara Petrina and Helen Wunder

    Overland High School students place at state competition!

    Posted 2/28/22


    Overland High School students competed at the HOSA state conference in February. Join us in congratulating their advisor Sarah Loutzenhiser and the students!

    • 2nd Place in Job Seeking Skills: Asiya Gameel
    • Top 10 in Pharmacy Science: Emilio Lopez
    • Top 10 in Clinical Nursing: Bernard Byars
    • Top 10 in Physical Therapy: Andrew Huynh

    CCIC students compete at HOSA 

    Posted 2/28/22


    Cherry Creek Innovation Campus students competed at the HOSA state conference in February. Join us in congratulating the advisors and the students!

    • 2nd Place in Behavioral Health: Emily Dann
    • Top 10 in Nurse Assisting: Jiapsi Duran Facio

    Cherokee Trail HOSA students place at state competition!

    Posted 2/25/22


    Cherokee Trail HOSA students placed in a number of events at the state HOSA conference in February. CT advisors Ashley Nance and Megan Yohn worked with their students on events from Sports Medicine to Biomedical, and had great success. Join us in congratulating the advisors and the students!

    • 1st Place in Research Poster: Anvit Sidhu
    • 1st Place in Sports Medicine: Anastacia Trubetskaya
    • 1st Place in HOSA Bowl: Erin Hinds, Anastacia Trubetskaya, Moumen Gabir, Zach Nyugen
    • 2nd Place in Research Poster: Lahari Vallamkonda
    • 2nd Place in Clinical Specialty: Zaim Jami
    • 3rd Place in Medical Spelling: Lahari Vallamkonda
    • 3rd Place in Biomedical Debate: Anvit Sidhu, Cooper Druck, Jaikrit Johar

    Overland HOSA students qualify for State competition! 

    Posted 1/24/22


    Overland High School HOSA students, led by Advisor Sarah Loutzenhiser, are headed to the state competition in February. The following students qualified to participate in the following events:

    • Bioengineering: Bariquinn Deeyaa
    • Biomedical Laboratory Science: Emilio Lopez
    • Clinical Nursing: Bernard Byers, Hana Tibin
    • Pharmacy Science: Emilio Lopez
    • Healthy Lifestyle: Bariquinn Deeyaa
    • Physical Therapy: Andrew Huynh

    Congratulations to these students and good luck!

    DECA Chapters earn multiple recognitions for campaign goals!

    Posted 1/23/22


    DECA members across Cherry Creek School District are maximizing their momentum with an impressive number of chapters achieving their campaign goals. Congratulations to all the chapters that participated in DECA's chapter campaigns!

    Chapters that earned Thrive Level will receive a pennant, flag, and plaque. Chapters that earned an Achievement Level will receive a pennant and certificate.

    • Chapter Community Service Campaign Thrive Level
      • Cherokee Trail
      • Cherry Creek
      • Cherry Creek Innovation Campus
      • Eaglecrest
    • Chapter Community Service Campaign Achievement Level
      • Grandview
    • Membership Campaign Winners Achievement Level
      • Cherry Creek
      • Eaglecrest
      • Smoky Hill

    Congratulations to the above DECA chapters!

    Eaglecrest students earn Certified SolidWorks Expert certification! 

    Posted 1/4/21


    Eaglecrest students Caiden Kesler and Luke Olson are the first Eaglecrest students ever to earn the Certified SolidWorks Expert (CSWE) certificate. This certificate indicates the top achievement in Computer-Aided Design, and in the 23 years since SolidWorks began offering certification, less than 1% of certificate holders achieve this level. Students must successfully pass 17 hours of examination across seven distinct subject areas related to design and manufacturing. 

    Entering the year with their Professional-level mechanical certification, in only sixteen weeks these students distinguished themselves through four additional certifications to become eligible to sit for the CSWE, demonstrating their mastery of welding design, sheet metal forming, volumetric surfacing, and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

    Universities and employers alike are astonished each year to find our students entering their institutions with associate-level (CSWA) and professional-level (CSWP) certifications.  For the first time, Eaglecrest can be proud to graduate students with their master-level certificates in mechanical design.

    Congratulations Caiden and Luke on this incredible achievement! 

    Overland FCCLA Students earn a total of $39,000 in scholarships!

    Posted 12/15/21


    Overland High School FCCLA students received a total of $39,000 in scholarship dollars toward an education at the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. Students participated in events like Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry. Individual students received anywhere from a $500 to $11,000 scholarship to further their culinary education! 

    Congratulations to FCCLA Advisor Erica McHenry-Hutto for her education and support to the students, and congratulations to the following students for receiving Auguste Escoffier scholarships: 

    • Bryan Buitrago: total scholarship of $11,000
    • Eilana Jimenez-Solis: total scholarship of $6,000
    • Jasmine Robinson: total scholarship of $11,000
    • Luciano Mary: total scholarship of $11,000


    Cherokee Trail DECA Students Perform at Arizona Event

    Posted 11/23/21


    Students from Cherokee Trail's DECA program attended an event in Scottsdale, AZ in November and competed against chapters from across the country. The students attended several professional skills workshops, keynote speaker presentations, and competed in a marketing communications role play with a condensed DECA exam.

    Aneesh Palagati and Logan Arnold both earned 2nd place recognition in their respective role plays! In one of the workshops, Sienamarie Doll was on the winning idea challenge team and Sid, Logan and Aneesh were runner-up. 

    Congratulations to these students on their outstanding performances. 


    DECA Students qualify for State Competition

    Posted 11/23-21


    Congratulations to the following DECA State Qualifiers from Cherokee Trail, Cherry Creek, and Smoky Hill High School!! Students will compete in the state competition in February in Colorado Springs!

    • Cherokee Trail: 52 state qualifiers plus 3 state officer candidates
    • Cherry Creek: 65 state qualifiers
    • Smoky Hill: 65 state qualifiers

    Good luck at the state competition! 

    Cherokee Trail Business students place at Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge

    Posted 11/12/21


    Congratulations to the Cherokee Trail Business pathway students who brought home a second and third place trophy from the Junior Achievement Stock Market Challenge at the University of Denver. Students competed against 40 teams from school districts across the state in a simulated day on the floor of "Wall Street". Students made quick, real-time decisions whether to buy or sell stock based on the influx of simulated current events which impacted stock value in real-time. Winning teams with the highest valued stock portfolio went home with first, second, or third place trophies. 

    The students that participated include: Bennett Burton, Dominic Fish, Tegan Haddad, Anton Hammer, Aneesh Indukuri, Alex Kadi, Conner Kerr, Harshita Konda, Eliot Ming, Ali Minhajuddin, Nicholas Nogues, Randy Patino, Emma Rose Perkins, Maren Rathman, Kyle Stevens, and Rachel Vrbas.


    CT JA

    Overland FCCLA Students place at Fall District Conference

    Posted 11/10/21


    Congratulations to the FCCLA students at Overland High School for their recent success at the FCCLA Fall District Conference! Congratulations to FCCLA Advisors Arielle Bergmann and Erica McHenry-Hutto, and the following FCCLA students on their outstanding performances:

    • 1st Place in Fashion Sketch: Sugin Park
    • 1st Place in Interview Skills: Theresa Amouzou
    • 1st Place in FCCLA Creed Speaking: Aaisha Eisie
    • 2nd Place in Pastry Decorating: Kaytlyn Sierra
    • 2nd Place in Fashion Stylist: Michelle Vasquez Ganbat
    • 2nd Place in FCCLA Creed Speaking: Yohana Liban
    • 3rd Place in Fashion Stylist: Kiana Lewis
    • 3rd Place in Interview Skills: Lillian Nelson

    In addition, a special congratulations to district officers Luciano Mary and Yohana Liban for planning and running the event!

    Congratulations to the above finalists, and all that competed, as they make their way to the FCCLA State Leadership Conference!

    Cherry Creek DECA Invitational preps students for District Conference

    Posted 11/10/21


    Congratulations to the Cherry Creek DECA students for an outstanding showing at the DECA Vail Conference on November 6. Students competed in events like Principles of Business Management, Human Resources Management, Hospitality Services, Financial Services, and Marketing Management. Students will now move onto the District Conference in the hopes of qualifying for the DECA State Conference in 2022.

    At the event, 81 individuals and 41 teams qualified to compete at the district conference. Good luck and congratulations! 




    Cherokee Trail now official partner to offer Python Certificiation

    Posted 10/15/21

    Cherokee Trail High School becomes an official partner with Open EDG Academy Program, which allows them to provide Python Certification to students interested in pursuing a career in Computer Science pathways including PCEP - Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer. For more information, see the Engineering & Technology teachers at Cherokee Trail - Jared Merrill, Ben Nuebel and Tony Muscatello.


    Interview with Joshua Yao, Intern with Aurora SEAM

    Posted 10/15/21

    Read an interview with Grandview High School student Joshua Yao, who is a high school project engineer intern with Saunders. If you're interested in the CCSD Internship program, see the Work-based Learning tab for more information. See pages 5-6 for the Q&A with Joshua!



    Eaglecrest High School's Nest Network place at the Colorado Student Media Association's annual Journalism Day

    Posted 10/11/21


    Congratulations to the Nest Network staff at Eaglecrest High School for their recent success at the Colorado Student Media Association's Journalism Day event! The staff entered work into four categories and placed first or second place in the entire state in each of those categories:

    • 1st Place in High School Podcast: Rhyan Herrera and Isabel Barkat Podcast Link
    • 1st Place in News 5A: Magazine Staff
    • 2nd Place in Online News 5A: Entire Staff Nest Network Link
    • 2nd Place in 5A Video: Josiah Dunkin, Trisha Balani and Carter Tulio Video Link

    A special congratulations to the Co-Editors-In-Chief Jeremy Garza and Simone Beauchamp for their leadership and Robby Gabrielli as the Nest Network Advisor. 

    Cherokee Trail teacher Ben Nuebel featured in Born to Design SOLIDWORKS Podcast

    Posted 9/30/21

    Born to Design takes you inside the most fascinating stories coming out of the design and manufacturing world - the surprising backstories of amazing creators, harrowing near-failures that became overnight successes, uplifting examples of the many ways our community is changing for the better! Presented by SOLIDWORKS, Born to Design is a podcast for dreamers, designers, and creators of all kinds.

    Last May, Cherokee Trail Engineering & Technology teacher Ben Nuebel was featured on the podcast. 

    Born to Design with Ben Nuebel 


    DECA students compete at Titan Invitational DECA Conference

    Posted 9/30/21


    DECA teams from Cherokee Trail and CCIC participated in the Titan Invitation DECA Conference on September 28. This was the first in-person competition since February 2020 and was attended by over 400 students. Congratulations to DECA Advisors Jess Becker and Missie Schwartz from Cherokee Trail, Kim Reiser from CCIC, and the following DECA students on their outstanding performances:

    • 1st Place in Personal Financial Literacy: Samuel Luber, Cherokee Trail
    • 1st Place in Hotel & Lodging Management: Janie Shin, Cherokee Trail
    • 1st Place in Apparel & Accessories: Ella Hahaffy, CCIC
    • 2nd Place in Human Resource Management: Divya Ganuthula, Cherokee Trail
    • 2nd Place in Business Finance: Cooper Druck, Cherokee Trail
    • 2nd Place in Food Marketing: Logan Arnold, Cherokee Trail
    • 2nd Place in Quick Serve Restaurant Management: Izabella Sterling, CCIC
    • 2nd Place in Marketing Management Team Decision Making: Gabby Church and Landon Ungerman, Cherokee Trail
    • 2nd Place in Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making: Blake Wellington and Logan Milanovich, CCIC
    • Top Testing Scores: Gabby Church and Samuel Luber, Cherokee Trail


    CCIC Teachers Recognized by Aerospace Physiology Society

    Posted 8/24/21

    Congratulations! The Aerospace Physiology Society recognized Elerie Archer (Health & Wellness Pathway teacher at the CCIC), as the 2021 Partnership in Education Award Winner! "It is Ms Archer's dedication and ability to inspire students' achievement through an innovative learning experience that makes Ms. Archer this year's 2021 Partnership in Education Award Winner."

    Additionally, Dave Wiliamson (Aviation Pathway teacher) and Paul Clinton (STEAM Pathway teacher) were also recognized as 2021 Partnership in Education Special Recognition Award Winners.

    Congratulations to our CCIC teachers!  

    Overland Student places 8th at State HOSA Conference 

    Posted 8/13/21


    Seven students from the Overland High School HOSA program competed at the State Conference in February 2021 in a variety of Health Sciences competitions. Josephina Matibag placed 8th place in Cultural Diversities and Disparites in Health Care competition. 


    CCSD Students WIN BIG at FBLA National Conference

    Posted 8/9/21


    Many of CCSD's Future Business Leaders of America CTSOs competed at the National Leadership Conference in June! Some of the highlights of CCSD students include:

    • 2nd Place in Mobile Application Development: Anna Kriss and Beiyi Xu, Grandview High School
    • 3rd Place in Political Science: Prakash Koukuntla, Grandview High School
    • 3rd Place in Digital Video Production: Mae Chen and Orianna Germeille, Grandview High School
    • 7th Place in Broadcast Journalism: Viravee Vashist, Cherry Creek High School
    • 7th Place in Introduction to Business Presentation: Dylan Gross, Grandview High School
    • 8th Place in LifeSmarts: Daniel Diaz Reyes and Devin Hash, Grandview High School
    • 8th Place in Digital Video Production: Logan Biggerstaff, Derrick Hsieh and Neil Sury, Cherry Creek High School
    • 9th Place in Word Processing: Ryan Lee, Grandview High School
    • 9th Place in Sales Presentation: Taylor Altman and Madeleine Hemstreet, Grandview High School
    • 10th Place in Introduction to Social Media Strategy: Sruthi Malisetty and Sonakshi Srivastava, Grandview High School
    • Finalists: 
      • Marketing: Daria Osovskaya and Masha Osovskaya, Cherry Creek High School
      • Coding & Programming: Rudra Goel, Grandview High School 

     Several CCSD students were also recognized for special awards:

    • Who's Who: Maria Barun, Cherry Creek High School
    • Largest Local Chapter Membership (in Mountain Plains Region): Cherokee Trail High School
    • Outstanding Local Chapters: Cherokee Trail High School
    • Gold Seal Chapters: Cherokee Trail High School
    • Chapter Challenge Chapters: Cherokee Trail High School

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the students and advisors!!!! 

    CCSD Students Compete and Win at TSA National Conference

    Posted 8/9/21


    Many of CCSD's Technology Student Association (TSA) students competed at the National Leadership Conference in June! Some of the highlights of CCSD students include:

    1st Place and National Champions!!!

    • Cybersecurity, Challenge Middle School

    Top 10 National Finalists in High School: 

    • Transportation Modeling, Cherokee Trail High School
    • Cybersecurity, Grandview High School
    • Photographyic Technology, Grandview High School

    Top 10 National Finalists in Middle School: 

    • Digital Photography, Challenge Middle School
    • Essays on Technology, Challenge Middle School
    • Mass Production, Challenge Middle School
    • Tech Bowl, Challenge Middle School
    • Video Game Design, Challenge Middle School

    Other Accolades:

    • Debbie Gregg, Overland Engineering Teacher, awarded CompTIA $1,000 Stipend

    Congratulations to all the TSA Chapters and Advisors for their success!

    Women in Work Conference

    Posted 4/30

    An event that gives young women a look into the lives of career women in non-traditional fields including: Construction, STEAM, Transportation, Criminal Justice, Public Safety & Security, Hospitality & Culinary, Health, Military and Homeland Security.

    Click here to watch the conference video!

    FCCLA Advisor of the Year - Cherry Creek's Katie Vasquez

    Posted 4/15

    Cherry Creek High School's Katie Vasquez was named Advisor of the Year for FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America)! Her nomination states: "She is a Family & Consumer Science teacher who cares about her students, the quality of her program and the content she delivers. She works tirelessly to engage her students in creative ways. Colleagues state that she is a motivator for learning by making it fun and interesting, using social media to spread positivity and immerse her students into learning. She is an inspiration to all and is the hardest worker and teacher. Students say that she makes them feel accomplished with their hard work. She is like a child at heart and loves us dearly."

    Congratulations Katie! 

    Katie Vasquez



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