• 6th Grade Exploratory Spanish                                                       
    This class is designed for the students to learn basic topics of the Spanish language, practice the vocabulary, and be able to use it in small sentences.  This will give them the idea of what a Spanish class looks like and will help them to decide if they want to continue learning Spanish in 7th, 8th grade, High School and College. The length of the class is 8 to 9 weeks and along with the curriculum we are going to learn interesting aspects of the Hispanic Culture. Little homework is given but students need to study the vocabulary daily.


    Course Outline

    Week 1/2

    • Getting to know each other 
    • Classroom expectations
    • Why Study Spanish?

    Students will learn about and discuss the advantages of being able to communicate in Spanish.

    Week 3

    • Greetings & Goodbyes

    This will introduce students to some basic vocabulary and cultural aspects of greeting others and introducing themselves.

    Week 4

    • Numbers 0-100

    Students will learn to count and do simple math with the numbers 0-100 in Spanish. 

    Week 5

    • The calendar - The time

    Students will learn to ask and tell the day and date in Spanish, and to tell the time. 

    Week 6

    • The colors

    Students will learn the colors and how to use them to describe objects.

    Week 7

    • The Spanish Alphabet

    Students will learn to identify letters in Spanish and to spell their names and other simple words. 

    Week 8

    • Seasons & Weather

    Students will learn simple words and phrases in Spanish to talk about the seasons and weather.

    Week 9

    • Spain and Mexico

    Students will learn some aspects about Spain and Mexican Culture.