AP Summer Institute

  • The AP Summer Institute for Students will feature an AP Success Skills class. This class features three hours of general skills directed towards the needs of 9th grade students taking their first AP class as well as other students who are taking their first AP class/want to improve their AP skills.

    Topics will included time management, reading and writing for AP, organization skills, and information specific to AP classes and AP testing. Students who participate in this Institute will be better prepared to handle the challenge of the AP curriculum.

    AP Success Skills Class Schedule
    Friday, August 4, 2023
    IP207 (upstairs in the IST building)

    Please complete this form by August 3 if you would like to participate in our AP Summer Institute.

    Your submission of this application is your acceptance into the Institute and we will expect to see you on August 5. Please see the OHS website for updates if needed or call 720.747.3411.

    Click here to sign up.