• Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year!

    Counselors will still be accepting schedule change requests through FridayAugust 27th. Emails for schedule change requests will be returned in the order in which they were received. Counselors have a limited capability to make schedule adjustments. If you have questions regarding your schedule, please refer to our 2021-2022 schedule repair policy below.


    Cherry Creek Elevation Schedule Repair Policy

    Schedules were created based on the classes students selected this past spring or at the time of enrollment. Schedule repairs will only be made for the following reasons:

    ·        High school student is not enrolled in enough credits (freshman must have 7.5, sophomores 6.5, juniors 6.5, and seniors 5.5)  **Advisory             counts for .5 credit for full year course

    ·        Middle school student is not enrolled in enough classes (4 core, 2 electives and advisory)

    ·        Student is missing a core class

    ·        Student is placed in the wrong level of a course

    ·        Schedule does not include a course required for graduation (graduating seniors only)

    ·        Schedule has a repeated course or student has taken course already (excluding middle school)


    Schedules will NOT be changed because students:

    ·        are no longer interested in taking a course they requested earlier

    ·        want to change electives


    If you have any corrections that need to be made at this time please contact your counselor directly.

    All schedule change requests must be submitted by Friday, August 27th at 4:00 pm! 


    Stephany Garbett


    Grades 10-12


    Sara Grady


    Grades 6-9


    Renee Beck


    GT Only (grades 6-12)