OHS Community Information & Accountability

  • Overland Community Information & Accountability meetings provide an opportunity for Overland parents to partner with Overland administrators in the education process of our children. At each meeting, Overland administrators provide updates on current events at the school and keep us informed in other areas such as discipline, budget, equity, mental health, security, safety, policies, staffing, curriculum, and other programs and initiatives. Parents and administrators also discuss evaluating, planning, and implementing goals for various student outcomes.

    For more questions or more information, please contact Ruthie Knowles at ruthieknowles@gmail.com


  • 2022–23 Overland Community Information and Accountability Dates:


    All meetings will begin at 6:00 PM.

Meeting Agenda

  • Accountability/PTCO

    December 6, 2022 @6:00pm

    View the PowerPoint from the meeting



    1. Introductions

    •  Welcome message and brief introductions (Nat)·        

    2. PTCO (Jessica Johnson)

    3. Who are Overland’s Students?

    • Race (Nat)

    • Grade Level Composition (Nat)

    • ELL Population (David) 

      • TalkingPoints

    • Students enrolled  AP/CE (Nat & David) 

      • Difference between AP/CE

        • Class Options

        • ASPIRE

        • New AP class

    4.Who is Overland’s staff?

    • Department breakdown (John)

      • Total certified staff + Teachers per department

      • Explain teacher to student ratio 

        • SAS 

        • ELL 

    • Certified staff breakdown (Sybil/Admin team)

      • Hiring issues

        • Impact on attendance

        • What we are doing to address impact of human resource concerns

    5. Questions, concerns and feedback from the community