Important Update – Masks Required for PreK-8

  • August 27, 2021

    Dear Cherry Creek Schools Families,

    It’s been a great start to the school year. One of the best things about this year is that our schools are open for full In-Person learning. Your continued partnership in maintaining health and safety protocols can help us keep schools open for In-Person learning throughout the fall.

    I have an important update and expansion of our mask requirements for this year.

    Based on continued conversations with Tri-County Health Department and further clarification of its Public Health Order regarding masks for students ages 2 through 11, masks will be required for all PreK, Elementary and Middle School students and all staff in those buildings. The masking requirement now includes seventh- and eighth-graders. This change will take effect Monday, August 30.

    This decision is also based on monitoring internal tracking data from the past 10 days, which is posted on our website. We have seen increasing COVID-19 cases among students and staff, particularly at the elementary and middle school levels. While we have not seen significant spread in schools, the fact that COVID-19 cases are increasing in the community means we need to take stronger measures to protect schools where there are large numbers of students not yet eligible to receive the vaccine.

    Through working with our middle school principals, we have learned that the interaction of students at all levels in middle school, while minimal, is enough that masking all students and staff is the best strategy.

    With masks now required for all students in grades PreK through eighth grade, we will have greater success at keeping schools open for In-Person learning throughout the fall. We continue to work with Tri-County Health Department to monitor COVID-19 cases, including the Delta variant, in our schools and Arapahoe County.

    In addition to mask requirements for grades PreK – 8, we want to reiterate that masks are strongly encouraged for students and staff in high schools. Students and staff in all grades should stay home if they are feeling sick or experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19. These are important prevention strategies to ensure that high schools remain In-Person and that students can participate in activities and athletics.

    We also want to remind our community that vaccination and testing are two of the best ways to keep ourselves and our community safe from COVID-19.

    We work closely with our partners at Tri-County Health Department to decide how best to keep our students and staff safe as we navigate the changing conditions of the pandemic. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in these matters.

    I also want to note that we have received some questions from the community about the new computers that all students have received. We will be sending out additional information early next week about those computers.

    Together, we can maintain health and safety in schools and keep the focus on learning. Have a great weekend.

    Be well,

    Christopher Smith


Last Modified on August 27, 2021