Student Device FAQ

  • Why is CCSD Providing Laptops to All Students? 

    Cherry Creek School District’s (CCSD) 1:1 program supports our Mission and Goals - “To inspire every student to think, to learn, to achieve, to care”, “Inclusive Excellence”, and “College & Career Preparedness & Success”. We believe to achieve our mission and goals, providing all students with access to technology is an essential next step. Providing ALL students with a digital device enhances student learning and prepares students for future careers. As the world around becomes increasingly digital, we must ensure that each student has access to an appropriate learning device. By providing each student with a digital device, we can better prepare students for future careers. 

    Starting in 2021, Cherry Creek School District will be providing laptops for our students. This is a shift from the previous 2:1 or shared model in that each school only had enough devices for about half of their students and those had to be shared during the school day. The 1:1 program uses a combination of pre-existing devices, devices purchased using the federal stimulus funding during the pandemic, and devices purchased recently using the voter approved 2020 CCSD mill levy funds for technology. 

    The last 18 months showed that access to technology, either in the school or remotely, was an important part of our students’ education. While CCSD was able to provide about 16,000 laptops to students for home use last year, this year the CCSD has made it a priority to provide comparable laptops to all students. 

    We already have a laptop computer for our child. Is it necessary for the district to purchase a device or can they use their existing equipment? 

    The CCSD issued device is the preferred learning device at our schools. While many students have access to their own device, we want to ensure that all students have equal access to comparable devices. The standardized devices the district is providing are approved for use with CCSD learning applications. If a teacher requires a new student application, it can be pushed out to the student’s class or entire school. Personal devices are not supported with CCSD purchased applications. Additionally, students must use a CCSD device for all state standardized testing, such as CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success). Due to cyber security measures, student personal devices will only be allowed to connect to the CCSD Guest network which will limit the capabilities of the personal device. 

    Does the device come home every night or stay in school? 

    Students are responsible for their assigned device. For elementary schools, the devices will be assigned to individual students but will primarily stay in school at night. Middle and high school students will take their computers home each night. We believe it is important for students to continue to utilize the digital device outside of school hours to complete homework and other educational activities.  

    What if the device gets broken? Will I be charged? 

    The assigned device is the responsibility of the student to keep in good working condition. The life of the device is expected to last for four years. If the device gets damaged it will need to be repaired or replaced. If the device is broken, otherwise non-functional, please return it to your student’s school to begin the repair process. All repairs or replacements must be completed by the district. The parent and student will be personally responsible for any intentional damage to or loss of the computing device while in the student’s care – on or off school property. The cost of this repair or replacement will be as follows: 







    1st Incident * 




    Following Incidents 





    District may charge a higher fee if there is indication that the damage or loss was intentional or notably negligent. Students may be eligible for a fee waiver based on Free or Reduced Lunch status. 

    What will happen if a student loses a device? 

    The student needs to inform the school immediately so that a search can be conducted to find the device or to begin the replacement process. If the device cannot be located the district can remotely wipe the device protecting student data and making the device unusable. 

    If the device is being repaired or replaced, how will students still participate in class? 

    Each school has been provided with a limited number of loaner devices that a student can borrow while their device is being repaired. 

    What happens if students who habitually lose their devices or even loaner devices? What if students are struggling to pay for replacements?  

    The district is working on insurance options and will have more information soon. 

    What if my student changes schools? 

    The device will stay with the student between schools in the Cherry Creek School District. 

    Are Home School or Charter School students provided devices?

    No. Students enrolled in the CCSD Options Homeschool Program are expected to provide their own devices. Options does maintain a small number of shared devices that are used in the classroom. Charter schools have their own device policies, please contact your specific school for details. 

    What if my student leaves CCSD or graduates? 

    Upon exit the device should be returned to the student’s school or at the following address:  5416 South Riviera Way, Centennial, CO 80015. 

    Does my student have to return the device over the summer? 

    It is expected that high school and middle school students keep the device over the summer and will use it for educational purposes. Elementary students will leave their devices in their school over the summer. 

    How are the devices protected? 

    These devices are completely wiped and re-imaged using standard industry processes in accordance with guidelines from Dell and Microsoft. In addition, these devices are enrolled in a management platform that provides enhanced security features such as remotely disabling a computer.  All devices are compliant with state and federal regulatory requirements.  

    How is internet use monitored and controlled? 

    CCSD uses Securly for internet safety and web filtering. All internet browsing activity is filtered at home just like at school. Securly is a CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) compliant internet filter. The internet filtering is based upon age of the student. 

    What happens to my student’s personal data? Is my student’s personal data shared or sold? 

    CCSD values accountability and transparency and takes seriously its obligation to protect the privacy of data collected, used, shared, and stored. CCSD will never sell your student's data as it is unethical and against state and federal law. CCSD adheres to all state and federal policies and regulations. CCSD has taken action to ensure that all student data is handled securely and in compliance with the Colorado Student Transparency and Security Act, Children's Internet Protection Act, Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, etc. 

    The Cherry Creek Schools Board of Education has adopted policies relating to student data privacy and safety, JRCA, JRCB and JRCB-R. The district is committed to providing information and resources to students, parents, and staff to assist in safe, responsible online participation through its Internet & Social Media Safety webpage. 

    Is there a student technology use agreement? 

    When issued a device, each CCSD student has agreed to the Student Technology Use Agreement for their grade: 

    In addition, at computer login, each student agrees to the CCSD device policy. 

    What apps and programs will my student have access to? 

    Students will have access to all applications through the CCSD portal, Applications are specific to each school and to each student. All students will have access to Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace for Education, both collaboration and creation toolsets. In addition, all students have access to a learning management system (LMS), such Schoology or Seesaw. 

    Will students be expected to use their device only for school related activities or can they access other content such as social media and games?  

    The purpose of the device is for students to use it as an educational tool; however, students can access any website at school that is allowed through the district's Internet filter. There are specific restrictions regarding social media, digital communication, and games depending on grade level. The device restrictions are the same at school as they are at home. 

    Are the devices labeled, or marked, in a way that would make it easy for someone to return a lost device? 

    All devices are labeled with a CCSD asset tag number with district contact information. 

    Is there a way for parents to get technical support? 

    Parents should contact their student’s school directly, either by calling them or emailing the school’s technical contact. During the Summer please email for assistance.

Last Modified on August 29, 2023