• Technology Home Use Expectations

    The device assigned to the student are the property of Cherry Creek School District (CCSD) and are for use while enrolled in the Cherry Creek School District. The program is defined to give students access to online resources both in class and at home. 

    Terms and Conditions 

    • All usage of the device shall be subject to CCSD Information Systems Guidelines, Cherry Creek Board Policies, JS, JIC, JICJ and the CCSD “Student Conduct and Discipline, Rights and Responsibilities”. The device is to be used for the education of the student while enrolled at Cherry Creek School District. 
    • All student devices have a district provided Children’s Internet Protection Act compliant internet filter installed. Internet filtering is based upon age of the student. Parent acknowledges that while the District makes every effort to ensure the security of the device while on the internet, students may be able to access internet sites outside of the control of CCSD. Responsible use of network resources is the responsibility of the student and parent while at home. 
    • The parent and student will be personally responsible for any intentional damage to or loss of the computing device while in the student’s care – on or off school property. The cost of this repair or replacement will be as follows: 








    1st Incident * 




    Following Incidents 





    * District may charge a higher fee if there is indication that the damage or loss was intentional or notably negligent. Students may be eligible for a fee waiver based on Free or Reduced Lunch status. 

    • The device and installed software are the sole property of CCSD. As such, the District can monitor its use remotely and any violations of CCSD policy can result in discipline in line the District policy. CCSD reserves the right to terminate use, remotely disable and or retain possession if any part of this agreement is violated. At no time will the District remotely turn on the camera or the microphone of the student device. 
    • The device may be erased as part of maintenance or repair. Students are expected to utilize Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive to store their files. Backup of student-owned data is solely the responsibility of the student and neither the school nor the District is responsible for loss of stored files, music, videos, etc. 
    • Students will keep the device clean and in proper working condition. Student will notify a school representative immediately if the device does not work as expected or shows unusual wear. 
    • Any text, imagery, or audio found on the student device that is illegal according to local, state, or federal law (e.g. threats, hate speech, obscene or sexual images or text) will be immediately reported to law enforcement. 
    • Upon termination of the student enrollment, the Parent/Guardian shall return the laptop and power adapter as instructed in the same condition as delivered or be liable to for the full value of the laptop or for any required repairs.  Devices shall be returned to the student’s school or at the following address:  5416 South Riviera Way, Centennial, CO 80015. 
    • The Parent/Guardian agrees to report a loss or damage that may occur to the laptop within 24 hours of the occurrence to the Service Desk at  servicedesk@cherrycreekschools.org.
Last Modified on August 28, 2023