Concurrent & Dual Enrollment

  • The CCIC offers Concurrent and Dual Enrollment courses, which offer students an opportunity earn high school credit, while at the same time earn college credits in a variety of Career & Technical Education courses. Concurrent Enrollment courses are tuition-free courses that offer college credit at a local community college. Dual Enrollment courses offer students college credit at a local university, with a minimal fee for the student. All Concurrent and Dual Enrollment courses are taught by CCSD teachers who have been approved as adjunct professors by an accredited community college or university.

    Who can enroll in Concurrent/Dual Enrollment courses?

    • Students in grades 9-12, who are under the age of 21
    • Students who receive approval for the class as part of their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)
    • Students who meet the minimum prerequisites for the course

    Steps to Enroll in a Concurrent/Dual Enrollment course: (note: your teacher will provide additional information at the beginning of the course.)

    • Enroll in the course with your home high school, meeting all prerequisites.
    • Apply to the college associated with the course. CCIC has Concurrent Enrollment with Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora and Pueblo Community College; Dual Enrollment with Metropolitan State University.
    • Apply to College Opportunity Fund (COF). Information about COF can be found here:
    • Complete CCSD Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Agreement.
    • Upon completion of the course, check college transcripts with associated college.

    Concurrent and Dual Enrollment courses provide an excellent opportunity for students to earn college credits for their future education. Ensure that you check with the institute of higher education to determine how they will accept concurrent or dual enrollment credits.

    **Concurrent Enrollment college credit is subject to course and teacher approval and completion of all required registration steps by the majority of the class within the designated semester deadline. Courses may be subject to cancellation for Concurrent Enrollment college credit due to unforeseen changes**

  • Concurrent Enrollment through Arapahoe Community College

    ACC Logo

    Pathway: Business Services

    • Project Management for Entrepreneurs I (ENP 105, 3 credit hours and MAN 241, 3 credit hours)
    • Project Management for Entrepreneurs II (ENP 205, 3 credit hours and MAR 106, 3 credit hours)
    • Project Management for Entrepreneurs III (MAR 160, 3 credit hours and MAN 243, 3 credit hours)
    • CTE Capstone (MAN 128, 3 credit hours and MAN 224, 3 credit hours)

    Pathway: Health & Wellness

    • Introduction to Health and Wellness (HPR 123, 2 credit hours, HPR 124, 2 credit hours, and HPR 144, 3 credit hours)
    • Introduction to Occupational/Physical Therapy (PTA 115, 2 credit hours)

    Pathway: Transportation - Automotive

    • Maintenance and Light Repair I (ASE 101, 2 credit hours, ASE 103, 2 credit hours, and ASE 122, 1 credit hour)
    • Maintenance and Light Repair II (ASE 250, 1 credit hour and ASE 264, 1 credit hour)

  • Concurrent Enrollment through Pueblo Community College

    Pathway: Health & Wellness

    Behaviorial Health Technician (PTE 110, 3 credit hours, and PTE 120, 5 credit hours)

  • Dual Enrollment through Metropolitan State University

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    Pathway: Hospitality and Tourism

    • ProStart I/II (RST 1550, 3 credit hours and RST 2550, 3 credit hours)
    • Lodging & Resort Management (HTL 1010, 3 credit hours)

    Pathway: STEAM

    • CAD for Fabrication (IND 1450, 3 credit hours)
    • Product Design I (IND 1000, 1 credit hour)
    • Product Design II (IND 3660, 3 credit hours)

Last Modified on September 15, 2021