• Parent-Teacher Conferences

  • Friday, November 12 will be a non-contact day for students. Teachers will be at school hosting our next round of conferences. The format of these conferences will be “student led,” as your student will lead conversations with families related to their progress in each class. This will be a great opportunity for students to share their voice and reflections on how they are doing in school. Locations for these conferences are as follows:


    6th grade: Library

    7th grade: Design Studio

    8th grade: Large Gymnasium


    Core content teachers (Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics) will be available to join conversations upon request, as they will be in each of these separate locations. Elective teachers will be available for drop-in conferences in their classrooms. Please have your student escort you to these individual classrooms if interested. Elective teachers will also be stopping by some core conferences in the above listed locations.


    Below are sign-up links for core content conferences. Please sign up for one time slot for each core content area (i.e. if you are interested in meeting with any core content teachers, regardless of the content area, please still choose one time slot. Each teacher will be able to join at this same time slot as they will be in the same physical location).


    If you have any questions, please contact the grade-level conference contact person listed below.

    6th Grade – Melissa Myers: 720-886-6322, mmyers17@cherrycreekschools.org

    7th Grade – Baochau Thomas: 720-886-6315, bthomas@cherrycreekschools.org

    8th Grade – Erica Killham: 720-886-6362, ekillham@cherrycreekschools.org


    Sign Up Links

    6th Grade Sign Up Link

    7th Grade Sign Up Link

    8th Grade Sign Up Link