• Endeavor Academy Overview


    Our mission is to prepare students for post-secondary transitions by re-engaging them in the learning process using traditional and non-traditional instruction in an academically rigorous and personalized learning environment.


    At Endeavor, we value:

    • All community members building and sustaining healthy relationships in a safe and nurturing environment.
    • Developing the whole person by understanding students’ strengths and challenges and teaching the skills necessary for social, emotional and academic success.
    • Personalized programming by providing a variety of educational options based on academic need.
    • An instructional process that recognizes the experiences, talents and needs of every learner by facilitating learning through choice, self-direction and shared responsibility.

    Alternative Offerings

    Endeavor Academy Alternative Program offers an alternative educational opportunity for students in our district who:

    • Are enrolled in grades 10-12 at one of our district high schools.
    • Have been unsuccessful in the traditional high school.
    • Have the goal of re-engaging in school, earning a high school diploma and participating in subsequent post-graduate training.

    With a curriculum based upon designated proficiencies and performance standards, the Endeavor Academy program provides a structured, personalized learning environment where discouraged learners gain the “sense of belonging” essential to their development of self-management, self-determination, and conflict resolution skills. The process of earning graduation credit at Endeavor is facilitated by an instructional delivery format, which is cooperative, peer supportive, and fosters full partnership with parents who are encouraged to maintain constructive involvement in their student’s education by monitoring independent learning activities to help fulfill elective requirements. In this way, students are empowered to earn graduation credit outside of the classroom through their efforts in the workplace as well as documented educational and service learning experiences.

    The effectiveness of Endeavor is demonstrated by the number of students who fulfill graduation requirements and define post-secondary options through their involvement in this program. At the conclusion of the past school year, 115 senior students (from total enrollment of 326) succeeded in reaching these goals, all of which applied to college this spring or entered the military.

    Advantages of Endeavor

    Advantages of attending Endeavor Academy are:

    • A culture focused on learning and success
    • Smaller classes
    • More personal attention
    • More opportunities for personal, group, and vocational counseling
    • Clearly defined expectations for student behavior
    • Essential Skills Program
    • Independent Study opportunities
    • Earned privileges
    • Advisory/Mentoring program
    • Service learning opportunities
    • Work Study opportunities