The staff at Endeavor Academy believe that every single student who enters our school can find and maintain academic and personal success for their present and future possibilities. We believe in providing opportunities for character development, intellectual challenge and emotional stability that will allow all students to be both productive and courteous in our community. We strive to assist students in exploring new habits and overcoming challenges in order to improve their quality of life. We sincerely believe in second chances and are willing to be empathetic, sensitive, and firm in our resolve to help students. We also believe that students and parents must meet us half way and dedicate themselves toward their personal growth, development and responsibility. With this in mind, we expect to see significant evidence of the following traits and behaviors that are integral to our program: (PRIDE)

    PRODUCTIVITY - I consistently/daily arrive promptly to all of my classes, complete my classwork, and mindfully turn in homework and projects assigned to me.

    RESPONSIBILITY - I accept ALL results and consequences for my behaviors, words and attitude with regard to my attendance and academic performance. I follow through with my commitments and have a willingness to foster a successful future for myself.

    INTEGRITY - I am honest and trustworthy; my actions match my words, and I follow the expectations and rules of this school and community to the very best of my abilities.

    DEDICATION - I am constantly working towards my personal goals. I am sensitive and supportive of other students and their opportunity to learn in this setting. I honor my own health and well-being and assist others in their pursuit of success.

    EMPATHY - I accept other students, respect the faculty and staff and will always attempt to look for the best in the people at Endeavor Academy as well as the entire community.

    Specifically, after looking at the definitions above, I will behave with personal PRIDE upon entering the doors of Endeavor Academy each and every day. I understand that the faculty and staff are here to help and guide. I also acknowledge that I must be attentive to my own performance and direction. I am aware that if I choose to ignore or am irresponsible in regard to my personal PRIDE, I will eventually be asked to leave Endeavor Academy and find other options for my education.