What is Endeavor Academy?

    Endeavor Academy is the only alternative high school that serves Cherry Creek Schools. Designated as an Alternative Education Campus (AEC) by the Colorado Department of Education, our mission is to prepare students for post-secondary transitions by reengaging them in the learning process using traditional and nontraditional instruction in an academically rigorous and personalized learning environment.

    How do I apply to Endeavor Academy?

    Students in grades 9-12 who are enrolled at any CCSD high school can complete the application. The application is available on our website in PDF form. Students can also pick up a hard copy at Endeavor's Main Office. It is imperative that the applying student be the one to fill out the application.

    When can I transition to Endeavor?

    Once the application is complete, the applicant will be contacted for an interview. All interviewed applicants will be forwarded to the admissions committee which meets on a quarterly basis. Once admissions decisions are made, transitions occur at the beginning of each quarter.

    What are the start and end times for school?

    The school day begins at 8:50 AM and ends at 3:15 PM.

    Is there bus transportation to Endeavor?

    District transportation is available to all Endeavor students. After arriving at their home high schools, students board a bus to Endeavor Academy. At the end of the day, students board buses back to their home schools and can return home as usual.

    What kind of schedule does Endeavor follow?

    On Mondays through Fridays, Endeavor students attend all of their scheduled classes. Students are also scheduled into Advisory classes, which meet every weekday.

    Click here for an updated bell schedule

    Can I play sports or join clubs at Endeavor?

    Currently, Endeavor is in Transistion of finding new leaques to participate in sports. Endeavor has had basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams that play against local charter and independent schools in the past. Outside of these offerings, Endeavor students may play sports and attend activities offered at their home school. Activities include dances such as Prom and Homecoming.

    Can I get my GED at Endeavor?

    Endeavor is an approved testing site for the GED, and the registration process can be completed at GED.com. Note, Endeavor will be offering GED preparation classes in the future. For information regarding GED preparation, please contact Tony Hawkins at (720) 554-2604.

    What is Night School at Endeavor?

    Night School is an after school program available to all current CCSD high school students during which they have an opportunity for grade replacement. Classes take place from 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm, two nights a week. Class offerings and schedules may vary by semester; for further details, please call the Main Office. Out-ofdistrict students are not eligible. Thursday Night School is available for Endeavor students. This time provides an opportunity to get extra help or make up work. Transportation is provided.

    If I have been expelled from another high school, can I still attend Endeavor?

    Endeavor accepts all applications. However, if a student has been expelled from another CCSD high school, he/she/they must fulfill the parameters of the expulsion before they can be admitted to and/or attend Endeavor Academy. If a student has been expelled from an out-of-district high school, the reason(s) for expulsion and district policies will be taken into consideration.