Fresh Take Podcast

  • Empathy builds community. This community is what leads to change for the better. Cherry Creek Schools has over 53,000 students and just as many unique stories. Sharing stories and perspectives through a podcast like Fresh Take draws this large group of students to be a part of a bigger community. 

    Cherry Creek Schools sees this as an opportunity of social and emotional growth for both listeners and speakers on the podcast. Each student is experiencing their own personal story in ways that may be unheard of to their peers. A podcast like Fresh Take is an opportunity to shed some light on individual experiences and to learn from the growth of others.

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    For Season 1 of Fresh Take, our theme is “a change of heart.” We are looking for reflective stories about change from our students. 

    As students, your authentic voices have the power to build community through learning and empathy. We would love to read your entries in order to get a better understanding of you and your story that could be featured on the podcast! 

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Last Modified on February 2, 2023