• Principal - Angie Lore

    Special Services - Angie Lore
    Birthday: 8/29
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite flower: Poppies, peony
    Favorite Drink: Fountain Coke Zero
    Starbucks Order: skinny vanilla latte
    Favorite Store(s): Evereve, Nordtrom Rack
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Parker Garage
    Favorite School Supplies: Smencils
    Hobbies: Watching Nebraska football, watching my kids play sports
    Allergies or dislikes:

  • Assistant Principal - Courtney Blume

    Name: Courtney Blume
    Birthday: February 16
    Favorite Color: Red, Emerald green
    Favorite flower: Hydrangeas
    Favorite Drink: Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
    Starbucks Order: Skinny Vanilla Latte
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Nordstrom
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Torchy's, Larkburger, Rootdown
    Favorite School Supplies: Flair pens, sharpies, erasable pens
    Hobbies: hiking, reading
    Allergies or dislikes: Allergic to avocado

  • Office Manager - Temple Cyr

    Name: Temple Cyr
    Birthday: 12/18
    Favorite Color: Turquoise, Teal, pink, plum, coral, salmon, orange
    Favorite flower: Peony, ranunculus, hydrangea
    Favorite Drink: hint water, la croix, unsweet iced tea, flavored unsweet tea
    Favorite Snack: Beef Jerky, anything buffalo flavored
    Starbucks Order: unsweetened passionfruit iced tea, iced coffee with cream, PSL, I iced or hot coffee with cream from Dunkin over SB's.
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Old Navy, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Postino, Blue Pan Pizza, Torchy's, Sushi, Raising Canes, Arby's any chips & dip
    Favorite School Supplies: Basic medium point bic pen
    Hobbies: Cooking, crafting, gardening, mingling
    Allergies or dislikes: mayo, scrambled eggs, american cheese, bologna, raisins, canned peas

  • Registrar - Cassandra Meverden

    Name: Cassandra Meverden
    Birthday: Dec 20
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite flower: hydrangea
    Favorite Drink: Any thing TEA
    Starbucks Order: Pink Drink
    Favorite Store(s): Barnes & Noble, 5 Below, Walmart or Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Jimmy Johns, MOD Pizza, Panera
    Favorite School Supplies: Colored Pens
    Hobbies: Gardening, refinishing furniture, crafts (Lowes), outdoor activities, running, hiking, biking, boating, snow ski
    Allergies or dislikes: None

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  • Nurse - Ginger Daniel

    Name: Ginger Daniel
    Birthday: March 15th
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite flower: Newly discovered Black Petunias
    Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea
    Starbucks Order: Tall Caffe Americano
    Favorite Store(s): Maurices, Amazon, Walmart
    Favorite Restaurant(s): The Lost Cajun, Raising Cane's, Pappadeaux's
    Favorite School Supplies: Kleenex, hand soap/sanitizer
    Hobbies: Cat snuggling, Outdoor walks/activities, Mini road trips/adventures, Raising 16 yo daughter
    Allergies or dislikes: None

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  • Building Engineer - Cody Grant

    Name: Cody Grant
    Birthday: 4/24
    Favorite Color: Purple
    Favorite flower: Roses
    Favorite Drink: Monster Engery (full calorie)
    Starbucks Order: Caramel Macchiato
    Favorite Store(s): King Soopers/Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Big Daddy's Pizza
    Favorite School Supplies: drill bits, screw drivers, complete tool kit
    Hobbies: hike, workout, boxing
    Allergies or dislikes: none

  • Kindergarten - David Ashcraft

    Name: David Ashcraft
    Birthday: June 13th
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite flower: Gerber Daisy
    Favorite Drink: Cherry Coke
    Starbucks Order: Blonde Americano w/cream
    Favorite Store(s): Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): (Finding new favorites in Denver…brb)
    Favorite School Supplies:
    Allergies or dislikes: None

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  • Kindergarten - Callie Bennett

    Name: Callie Bennett
    Birthday: June 12 1988
    Favorite Color: Pink
    Favorite flower: Hydrangea
    Favorite Drink: Sparkling water
    Starbucks Order: Oat milk latte
    Favorite Store(s): Target, amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Modern (Mod) Market, Tokyo joes
    Favorite School Supplies: Markers, zip lock bags
    Hobbies: Working out, spending time with my family, traveling
    Allergies or dislikes: Dairy and meat

  • Kindergarten - Shayna Keele

    Name: Shayna Keele
    Birthday: September 17
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite flower: Peony
    Favorite Drink: La Criox or Coffee
    Starbucks Order: Skinny Vanilla Latte
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Amazon, Athleta
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Postino, anything mexican
    Favorite School Supplies: Flair Pens
    Hobbies: Running, reading
    Allergies or dislikes: Chocolate

  • Kindergarten - Holly Rosati

    Name: Holly Rosati
    Birthday: December 23rd
    Favorite Color: blue
    Favorite flower: tulip
    Favorite Drink: decaf coffee (black)
    Starbucks Order: cold brew w/cold foam salted caramel (no caramel syrup)
    Favorite Store(s): Target/Starbucks/Sprouts
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Postino's/Tables/Neighbors/Cherry Tomato
    Favorite School Supplies: Markers/dry erase markers
    Hobbies: hiking/barre,yoga/reading/cooking
    Allergies or dislikes: I am vegetarian NO gluten :)

  • First Grade - Eliza Burghardt

    Name: Eliza Burghardt
    Birthday: June 18
    Favorite Color: Green
    Favorite flower: Rose
    Favorite Drink: Body Armor
    Starbucks Order: Tall iced Latte (anything with espresso!)
    Favorite Store(s): Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Jimmy Johns, Wendys, Yummy Food :)
    Favorite School Supplies: Metalic Sharpies, Fun Pencils, Flair Pens
    Hobbies: Disc Golf, Art
    Allergies or dislikes: 0

  • First Grade - Christine Ekleberry

    Name: Christine Ekleberry
    Birthday: November 18
    Favorite Color: Rose Gold / Pink
    Favorite flower: Tiger Lilly
    Favorite Drink: Sparkling ICE Rasberry & Diet Dr. Pepper
    Starbucks Order: Blended Strawberry Lemonade
    Favorite Store(s): Amazon, Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Chili's,
    Favorite School Supplies: Pilot Frixion Erasable Pens, post-its,
    Hobbies: Movies, camping, traveling, crafting
    Allergies or dislikes: Shellfish Allergy, Dislike - Avocados, Mushrooms, Coffee

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  • First Grade - Kathy Hoover

    Name: Kathy Hoover
    Birthday: September 19th
    Favorite Color: red
    Favorite flower: roses
    Favorite Drink: sweet tea
    Starbucks Order: white chocolate latte
    Favorite Store(s): Target
    Favorite Restaurant(s): The Melting Pot
    Favorite School Supplies: sharpies
    Hobbies: reading, tennis, travel, baking, decorating, shell collecting
    Allergies or dislikes: I am allergic to bees

  • Second Grade - Kim Fleming

    Name: Kim Fleming
    Birthday: 10/15/63
    Favorite Color: Any Bright Color
    Favorite flower: Sunflower, Hollyhocks
    Favorite Drink: Mojito
    Starbucks Order: Grande 1 pump mocha, no whip, whole milk
    Favorite Store(s): The Rack, Target, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Tap and Burger
    Favorite School Supplies: crayons and markers
    Hobbies: Mountain Biking, Camping, Gardening
    Allergies or dislikes: Gluten

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  • Second Grade - Megan Plouff

    Name: Megan Plouff
    Birthday: June 9th
    Favorite Color: Navy Blue
    Favorite flower: Daisies
    Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea
    Starbucks Order: Chai TeaLatte (hot or iced)
    Favorite Store(s): Target, Starbucks, Amazon
    Favorite Restaurant(s): Chick-fil-A, Mod Market, Crumbl
    Favorite School Supplies: Colorful pens
    Hobbies: Watching football, arts and crafts, kick boxing, playing board games
    Allergies or dislikes:

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Last Modified on April 28, 2022