• We are proud of both our teams who made the national Semifinalist list and Honorable Metioned list for the Mars Vehicle Trash Ejector problem. 



    Mars Trash Ejector- Zach  Fitzjarrell

    Leading Teacher: Ben Nuebel




    Mars Trash Ejector- Austin Weske & Landon Woodman

    Leading Teacher: Ben Nuebel


    High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware or HUNCH is an innovative school-based program that partners NASA at Johnson Space Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, Langley Research Center, Goddard Space Flight Center, Glenn Research Center, Kennedy Space Center, and AMES Research Center with high schools in states across the nation. The partnership involves students fabricating real-world products for NASA as they apply their science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills as well as learning to work in teams and think creatively.

    This NASA program is expanding and giving students opportunities to develop hardware for the International Space Station.  Some hardware items are necessities that the astronaut crew has personally requested to help ease their living conditions while aboard the Space Station and other requests have come from Flight Crew Systems and Operational groups at NASA.   It is really a wonderful time to be a part of such a great program!



    The partnership between CCSD and NASA started in 2008, and evolved in developing NASAHunch program in our High Schools. This past spring of 2019 5 teams from our schools demonstrated significant design quality and ideas to be a contender for the final design review in Houston and one of our CTHS teams, was chosen to present their project at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX for the final design review.

    The program allows our students to participate in solving real problems presented by astronauts while using STEM practices that challenge them to create, innovate and care about the world around them.


    Learn more about the NASA HUNCH Program:

  • Culinary challenge 2020- 2021

    Teams from Eaglecrest High School & Grandview High School will compete with culinary projects. 

    Challenge: Comfort Food

    Leading Teacher: Mary Anderson

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