School Accountability Committee

  • What is a SAC?

    In Colorado, School Accountability Committees (SACs) provide the opportunity for families of students to have a voice and to partner with the school administrators, teachers, and community members to continuously improve the educational experience within their local school.  All US states have something similar, but this document is specific to Colorado.  

    Why would I want to join?

    Do you see a need for change?  Are you curious about the school or the education students are receiving? If the school was closed or students started struggling to succeed would you be concerned?  These are just some of the reasons you may want to join.  Family engagement in education has proven to turn schools around and helps students realize the importance of education for their future.  A solid education will increase the earning potential a student will experience when they graduate and set them up for success.  

    What does a SAC do?

    • Help engage families in their student’s education

    • Help families find support when students are struggling

    • Help create a plan to continuously review and improve the education system and/or culture

    • Monitor the plan to make sure the steps are being followed 

    • Verify the plan is improving student outcomes and change the plan as needed

    • Recommend budget priorities

    • Request help from the school or district when significant issue are identified

    • Build a partnership for success within the community 

    Find out more

    If you would like to know more or help, please contact us:

    Co-chairs Interim: Princess Mack (803-446-2509) and Shannon Holck (303-632-8443) 



    We need you!

    There are lots of ways you can help and we are in need of a variety of voices and viewpoints to reflect our student's needs.  We need men and women.  We need LatinX, Black, Asian, Indigenous, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Bi-racial, Special Education, IEP, 504, GT, LGBTQIA+ reps.  In short, we need you!

    Ways you can get involved 

    1. Attend SAC breakout at Family Engagement nights

    2. Become a member of the SAC Board – help plan and hand off to next Board – contact Brad Weinhold, Principal 


    How to Volunteer


  • School Accountability Committee


    Shannon HolckShannon Holck

    Shannon Holck is an advocate for education, women's empowerment, and community building. Ms. Holck is in her second year with the Horizon Community School Accountability committee and brings her experience with mental health issues, autism, special education, families of active service/veterans, and gifted-talented education.  As a parent of three bi-racial children, Ms. Holck has enjoyed working with youth as a Sunday School teacher, cub scout leader, 4-H leader, math competition coach, and is serving at Horizon as a Technology Student Associate mentor. Ms. Holck, by profession, is a data engineer and has spoken at local conferences. Ms. Holck's goals for 2022-2023 school year include ensuring the continuity of the Horizon School Accountability Committee and reducing the time required to identify and provide needed support to students at Horizon. 

    Princess Mack

    Princess Mack   

    Princess Mack has immersed herself in the advocacy arena since 2010.   As a conceptual intellect, Ms. Mack is the touch point in being a navigator and connector to others uncertain or unable to maneuver through the school system or state agencies. The overlay of lived experience with continued education assist in guiding her moral compass that elevate the voices of those whom she encounters, experiencing trauma. Ms. Mack’s journey has led her to bring to the forefront voices of Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC), disabled persons, parent/grandparent of high need scholars in ECE-K12, grandparent kinship, disabled veterans with PTSD, refugee/ asylum, deaf & hard of hearing persons, substance use, LGBTQ+, families receiving government services whose income is non earned income or earned income that falls within the range of FPL and considered, working poor. Ms. Mack’s North Star:  Umbutu: I AM BECAUSE…….WE ARE