• Frequently Asked Questions about RAiSE

    What is an induction program?

    Induction is a program provided by Colorado school districts which includes supervision by mentor teachers, ongoing professional development, ethics training and performance evaluations.

    Why do I need to participate in an induction program?

    In order to apply for a professional license in the state of Colorado, you must complete a Colorado State Board of Education-approved induction program.

    Who needs to participate in an induction program?

    The RAiSE induction program is for any general or special (LD, SIED, ILC, Autism, SLP, Vision & Hearing) education teachers new to the profession or experienced on an initial license. Mental Health, Occupational Therapists and Counselors do need to participate in induction as well; however, these departments have their own induction programs. 

    I’m new to the district and in need of induction but haven’t been assigned a mentor. What should I do?

    If you have not been assigned a mentor or contacted by anyone in the RAiSE program, please reach out to Marie Ullrich or Kirsten Forsythe.

    I participated in a Colorado induction program in a previous district. Do I need to participate in the RAiSE Induction program?

    As long as you completed an induction program in the state of Colorado and received a certificate of completion, you do not need to participate in the RAiSE program. If you started an induction program in another district, but did not finish, you will need to participate in the RAiSE program.

    I recently moved from out of state. Do I need to participate in the RAiSE Induction program?

    Yes. If you moved to Colorado and previously taught in another state, CDE does require you to complete induction in order to move from an initial to a professional license. The only exception being if CDE issued you a professional license when you arrived.

    I completed the induction program. What do I do now?

    Once you have completed induction and received your certificate, you will apply for your professional license on the CDE website. You will need to upload your certificate at that time as well. 

Last Modified on August 14, 2023