Lockdown versus Secure

  • What is the difference between a LOCKDOWN and SECURE status?

    While the names are very similar and are often confused, they differ greatly in their meanings, purpose and level of severity.

    • two hands up with palms facing forwardSecure! Get inside. Lock outside doors. Schools are put on a SECURE status to safeguard students and staff within the building based on activity in the surrounding area, not in the school or on school grounds. During a SECURE status, school staff move all students and activities inside and ensure the building is locked while learning continues inside the school with minimal classroom interruption or distractions. All doors are locked and no one can leave or enter the building without police or district approval. The school day operates as normal, unless the SECURE status interferes with release times. Most SECURE directives are precautionary in nature.

    • padlock icon on red circle backgroundLocks, Lights, Out of Sight. During a LOCKDOWN, all students and staff are trained to get behind a locked door. The expectation is that classroom doors are locked and secured, lights are turned off, and students and staff move to a location away from hallway windows and doors. Students are encouraged to remain quiet and not use their cell phones, or interact on social media. Students and staff are released by district or emergency personnel only. A school is put on LOCKDOWN due to perceived danger inside or very near the building. 

    In the event of a Secure or Lockdown, families will receive information from the CCSD Communications Office via automated phone call, email and/or text message.

Last Modified on November 1, 2022