• Q: If my child attends CCSD UPK PreK for free, does this apply to the Preschool Enrichment program also?
    A: No, Preschool Enrichment is a seperate, optional, tuition-based program.


    Q: Is Preschool Enrichment a licensed child care program?
    A: Yes, both UPK PreK and Preschool Enrichment are licensed by the state of Colorado. 


    Q: Is there any financial aid available to help with Preschool Enrichment tuition?
    A: Colorado Childcare Assistance Program – To complete the online application, you will need the Provider Name and Provider Number for the specific location you will be attending. You can get this information by emailing schoolcareworks@cherrycreekschools.org. For the online application: see CCCAP-Finanial Assitance Tab. 
    Free & Reduced Lunch Program – The online application link is: https://www.cherrycreekschools.org/Page/4041. If you are approved for Free & Reduced Lunch you will also receive a 25% discount on tuition.


    Q: Is Preschool and Preschool Enrichment all the same?
    A: No, Preschool Class is provided through Early Childhood Education department (ECE) and Preschool Enrichment is provided through Extended Child Services department (ECS).


    Q: Is lunch included with Preschool Enrichment?
    A: Yes! Free lunch is included, your child will learn how to manage the lunch line and cafeteria before Kindergarten!


    Q: Does Preschool Enrichment include Fridays?
    A: No, Preschool Enrichment follows the Pre-K calendar.


    Q: Can my child attend the Before & After School program at my school?
    A: As soon as your child is 5 years old, they can attend this optional, fee-based program.


    Q: Does my child need a health appraisal completed by a physician before attending Preschool Enrichment?
    A: Yes, these programs are licensed child care programs so this form is a requirement. 

Last Modified on March 7, 2024