Horizon Community Middle School – Points of Pride

    Vision, Mission, & Core Values

    At HCMS, our vision is Learning: Every Day for Every One. Our mission statement is “We are an authentic, empowered community that believes in opportunity for all.” Our core values are Perseverance, Achievement, Connectedness, and Kindness (PACK).

    Learning Experiences

    Our talented teaching staff works hard to design and engage all students in relevant, meaningful, and rigorous learning experiences. In addition to course offerings in the four core instructional areas, our elective options provide students with opportunities to thrive in specialized content.

    Student Voice

    At Horizon Community Middle School, we value the perspectives and input of our students. Students should have a say in how they learn and how their school functions.


    Our staff is committed to equity work, both at the personal and professional levels. We include student voice in our decision making. We believe in Equitable Grading Practices, as grades should be a reflection of learning and growth.

    Family Engagement

    We believe that all families should be welcomed and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the schooling experience of their children. Family members are encouraged to volunteer at Horizon Community throughout the day, on committees, and at school events.  

    Restorative Practices

    Our Restorative Practices Coaches work in conjunction with our teachers, counselors, and deans to assist students in conflict resolution. We believe in proactively engaging in problem solving conversations and repairing relationships through dialogue and collaborative conversations. We are committed to including the experiences and perspectives of all as we navigate our restorative work.

    Athletics & Activities

    We offer a robust range of athletic and extracurricular activities. We encourage all students to participate in sports and clubs outside of regular school hours.  

    STRIDE Health Clinic

    In an effort to provide quality and equitable health care to all, the Cherry Creek School District has partnered with STRIDE Community Health to offer a school-based health center on the campus of Horizon Community Middle School.