• Dear Woodland Families,

    WOW!  I am honored and humbled to be principal of Woodland Elementary. Our staff and I are thrilled and overjoyed to be serving all of you and your children each day. Opening this wonderful school last year was like winning the lottery.  We truly look forward to building our school community and getting to know each of you as we continue our magical, once in a lifetime journey together.

    The Cherry Creek School District has been my home since I was six years old. I attended elementary school, middle school, and high school in CCSD. After college, I began teaching. I taught kindergarten through fifth grade, served as a gifted/talented teacher, literacy interventionist, and, assistant principal. I have spent the last 23 years teaching and leading in the Cherry Creek schools. Most recently I was the principal of Walnut Hills Elementary School. And now I am elated to say, I am the principal of our state-of-the-art Woodland Elementary School.

    My core values have always been to build community through authentic relationships, to empower teachers to reach their potential, to ensure equitable practices, to raise academic achievement for all students, to create a safe space for children to learn, and to continue my growth as an educational leader. As a school, we will make all decisions based on what is best for children. We will work hard each day to fulfill our vision to raise levels of rigor, foster a love of learning for all children, focus on student assets, and ensure all members of our school have a voice.  Our staff is committed to having a strong work ethic, to be listeners, leaders, potential seekers, and believers that all children can learn. We will work as a team and strive to help make Woodland better each day for you and your children.  We are eager to work to build a strong, connected school community that values education.  Our staff has a deep desire to move us forward, reach all goals we set, and proceed with the mindset of continuous improvement. We promise to have a heart of action for every child, every day.

    From the moment I walked onto the land where our school sits, I knew with all my heart we could build a school where children will know anything and everything is possible. Our mission is to open doors for our children to believe they are bold, brave, brilliant, and beyond capable of becoming whatever they desire. Our school has an unwavering belief in the ability of all students to achieve the success which will be conveyed in our actions. We have a rare and precious opportunity to write a story of success, happiness, achievement, wonder, possibility, innovation, and heart to leave a legacy like no other for all children who enter Woodland Elementary.

    Here we GO!



    Teolyn Bourbonnie