• Horizon Community Middle School

    Family Engagement Meeting Format


    We are an authentic, empowered community that believes in opportunity for all.


    Philosophy: We believe that all families should be welcomed and encouraged to participate in all aspects of the schooling experience of their children. Family members are encouraged to volunteer at Horizon Community throughout the day, on committees, and at school events.  

    Meeting Format (5:30pm – 7:00pm)

    Family Engagement meetings begin at 5:30pm in the Design Studio at Horizon Community Middle School. Topics of discussion will be related to current trends and will be based on family input. Meetings will also allow for data review related to the HCMS Unified Improvement Plan. Families are encouraged to bring food for a potluck-style meal for the October, November, and April meetings. A Spanish-speaking interpreter will be provided. 

    Meeting Dates & Topics

    Thursday, September 21 

    Informational Breakout Sessions

    Tuesday, October 10        

    PASS Meeting

    Friday, November 3


    School Accountability Meeting

    Thursday, February 8      


    Tuesday, April 2               



    Contact Information

    Dr. Brad Weinhold (HCMS Principal): bweinhold@cherrycreekschools.org