All students feel secure in their identity, knowledge & abilities because we know & leverage student assets.

    All students have access & opportunity because we will dismantle barriers and create rigorous learning experiences.

    All students take charge of their own learning because we empower them. 

    We promise all students will see themselves in classrooms, curriculum and school community.

    We will teach students the importance of other perspectives so they are inspired to take action and make positive change. 

    All students know they belong because we care and are invested in them as individuals.

    We are visible, encouraging and supportive. 

    All students and staff are committed to a safe and inviting environment. 

    We are encouraged to use our voice and speak our truth to do what is best for our kids.

    We are trusted to make decisions to ensure instructional excellence for all. 

    We engage in purposeful collaboration and share responsibility for all students’ success.

    We believe our community is an asset. 

    We are committed to racial consciousness, cultural humility and culturally responsive education. 

    We will create opportunities for all community members to have a voice, be involved, and participate at our school.

    We are committed to clear and consistent communication.

    We will all have a heart of action!