• For the past few years, Prairie Middle School has been exploring grading practices and doing some collective research.  We have also walked alongside Overland HS in their studies of the book, Grading For Equity.  During the past two years, we've piloted some versions of grading guidelines during the Covid years to get a better understanding of why, what, and how we might improve our grading practices. 

    • In an effort to get some better alignment with our grading, here's some school-wide grading practice this year. 

    • No Zeros: All incomplete/missing work will be scored as an NHI (50%).

    • No Penalty for Late/Make-up Work

    • No Extra Credit
      No participation/compliance grades: Any assignments that go into the gradebook will be tied to an academic standard.
      Gradebook Alignment by Department: All teachers (regardless of department) will use an A-F scale for grading.