• Volunteer at HCMS

    Below are some opportunities for families to volunteer at HCMS. Some choices are for single events, while others may occur more frequently. Please contact the person listed with each opportunity, OR click here to sign up and submit your name and contact information (names & contact information provided may be shared with other parent volunteers for outreach purposes).  

    Event Support (Multicultural Fair, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Veterans Day, Color Battle, Athletic & Performing Arts Snack Sales, etc.): Assist with planning, advertising, and event volunteering. (Dr. Brad Weinhold, Principal, bweinhold@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Campus Beautification (e.g., trash pick-up): Organize and participate in periodic campus clean-up activities. (Clare Dardis, Campus Administrator, cdardis@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Hallway Supervision Monitor the hallways and positively support students. (Robert Jefferson, Assistant Principal, rjefferson2@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Cafeteria Supervision: Monitor the cafeteria and positively support students. (Robert Jefferson, Assistant Principal, rjefferson2@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Library Support: Assist the librarian with book inventory, shelf stocking, displays, etc. (Clare Dardis, Campus Administrator, cdardis@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Field Trip Chaperone: Support teachers as a chaperone on various field trips. (Megan Zitek, Assistant Principal, mzitek@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Academic Tutoring: Work with students to support them in specific content areas. (Megan Zitek, Assistant Principal, mzitek@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Guest Speaker: Work alongside teachers to share personal experiences or areas of expertise that relate to our curriculum. (Megan Zitek, Assistant Principal, mzitek@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Family Ambassador (serving as a resource for other HCMS families): Be available to answer school-specific questions that family members may have. (Dr. Brad Weinhold, Principal, bweinhold@cherrycreekschools.org)

    Parent Group Member (PTCO, PASS, Accountability): Serve as a member of one of our parent groups. (Dr. Brad Weinhold, Principal, bweinhold@cherrycreekschools.org)