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  • Career ConversationsMr. Seely explores the dynamic world of different careers overlooked by the masses. Join him as he dives deep into the economic outlook of our future, and the careers that will offer the most robust growth and economic prosperity for our students. As Partner of Industry for CCSD's Career and Innovation department and a former Career Counselor at CCIC, Mr. Seely will break down the walls and misperceptions of careers that have been passed by for generations, resulting in an unbalanced supply and demand curve. By taking advantage of this supply and demand mismatch, Mr. Seely shows how pursuing a career within these industries can fuel the elevator ride to prosperity many of us have been searching for.

    Take control of your future and join Mr. Seely each week where he will bring you bite-sized conversations from real people working within real careers!

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Episode 17 - Lieutenant Colonel Jesse Somann

Episode 16 - Crystal K McCoy - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

Episode 14 - Colonel Jason Dono Kneuer Colorado Air National Guard Aircraft Technician

Episode 13 - Solutions Director and Cybersecurity Lead - Angelique Q Napoleon

Episode 12 - Southwest Airlines Ramp Manager - Layson

Episode 11 - Cyber Security Expert/Korean Linguistic Interrogator-Warrant Officer Joseph B

Episode 10 - The Paris Hotel Director of Hotel Operations-Gary Austin and Karen Molina

Episode 9 - Ryan Seely, Professional Career Counselor

Episode 8 - Jeff Sanderson- Airbus 320 Aircraft Pilot

Episode 7 - Brandon Lloyd, Former Denver Bronco

Episode 6 - Mike Wadleigh, Work Based Learning @ CCSD

Episode 5 - F-16 Aircraft Structural Maintainer/Air National Guard-Paul Marchod

Episode 4 - Flight Test Engineer/Bell Helicopter -Robert Hazlehurst

Episode 3 - CEO/Owner Footers Catering and Events-Anthony Lambatos

Episode 2 - Advanced Manufacturing/CareerWise Colorado-Jacob Pederson

Episode 1 - 68W Combat Medic-Rylee Montague

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Last Modified on November 29, 2023